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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Brisbane v South Sydney

South Sydney obliterates Brisbane to kick off R1 2015

Bennet is back in Brisbane, Rabs is back on the Telly and the footy is about to begin for 2015, get excited! (Pre-match)
Looks like a solid crowd on a balmy Brisbane evening (Pre-match)
Souths running from the southern end (Pre-match)
Parker leads the Broncos out for his 300th game
Anthems are down, let the season begin, Brisbane to kick off (Pre-match)
First touch to Tyrrell
Fair set by Souths, Kahu juggles but collects 25m out

Jouhnston collects Hunt kick from the in goals and makes 20 before being tackled
(2H 0:30)
Clean sets to begin the season
(2H 0:30)
Reynolds kick goes dead. Brisbane restart 20 out (2H 1:16)
Sneaky early offload by Blair
(2H 1:16)
Bunts dibbles it to the line but collected by Souths just outside goal line
(2H 2:13)
First penalty to Souths vs Thaiday for play the ball infringement (2H 2:13)
Souths find tough 5m from halfway (2H 2:13)
Reynolds makes half break and is tackled 5m out but gets the penalty (2H 3:11)
Souths opting to take the 2 points, directly in front (2H 3:57)
Reynolds opens the scoring Souths 2 nil (2H 3:57)
Suttong losses it in the tackle and is collected by Hodges 30m out (2H 5:02)
Thaiday half break and draws the penalty under the sticks (2H 5:02)
Penalty vs Inglis for slowing down the play (2H 5:02)
Parker slots it. 2 all (2H 7:20)
Solid set by Broncos Hunt kicks and Inglis returns to 35m (2H 7:48)
Penalty to Souths for high tackle on Lowe (2H 9:02)
Lowe leaving the field and Clark coming on (2H 9:02)
Tyrrell losses the ball 10m out, wasted opportunity by the Bunnies looking a little disorganised (2H 10:49)
Tough set by Brisbane only 30m gain Souths play the ball 25m out
T Burgess on the field

Kahu takes the ball well in the air and Goodwin penalised for playing the man in the air. Kahn looking solid under the high ball early (1H 12:45)
Hunt bombs on the last and Johnston takes it with minimal pressure (1H 13:43)
Maranta flys high this time to defuse the Keary bomb
(1H 14:17)
Both teams looking a bit tired early (1H 15:53)
Johnston collects again and returns to 23m mark (1H 15:53)
Glenn Stewart puts a left foot chip which goes out on the full…Shocker (1H 16:39)
Brisbane get the ball on their 40m line
(1H 16:39)
Forward pass Brisbane from Kahu out of dummy half. Souths ball 32m out from own line (1H 17:23)
Reynolds puts up a kick which is regathered by Inglis, feeds it to Sutton who puts a dinky chip in on the left and Maranta forced to push the ball over the line. Souths ball 10m out (1H 19:39)
McGuire and Blair off (1H 19:39)
Good defence by Broncos holding Souths out for now (1H 19:39)
T Burgess coming very close
(1H 20:33)
Souths grubber forced dead by Broncos, Drop out. Good pressure by Souths (1H 20:33)
Ben Lowe back on…not concussed (1H 21:38)
Tom Burgess grabbing shoulder (1H 21:38)
Jolting tackle by Parker and Clark loses ball (1H 21:38)
High tackle vs Lowe, Brisbane enjoy the breather. T Burgess leaving the field (1H 21:38)
Milford losses the ball under minimal pressure with numbers on the left….try gone begging. Souths ball (1H 23:48)
T Burgess is head bin (1H 24:12)
Lifting tackle penalty vs Broncos. Reynolds finds touch around half way (1H 24:12)
Walker SCORES (1H 26:10)
There was nothing really, Reynolds looked to kick but went to Walker how got on the outside of Read and scores in the right hand corner (1H 26:50)
Reynolds converts from sideline, Souths lead 8 -2 (1H 27:32)
Brisbane kicks it out on the full. Bennet won’t be happy (1H 27:58)
Another penalty to Souths vs Thaiday for hand on the footy. MORE pressure for the Broncos. Souths take the tap (1H 29:14)
Grevsmuhl opting for a very ambitious line and drops it metres from the line. Broncos get a much needed reprieve (1H 30:53)
Penalty to Broncos vs Ben Lowe for hands between the legs (1H 30:53)
Gavet losses the ball in the tackle looking to offload. Souths ball 22m from their own line and Bennet looks unhappy (1H 32:52)
Luke takes a Thaiday arm to the head after rebounding off the ball. Souths penalty and they are looking to take the points (1H 33:47)
About 40m out and left of the posts (1H 34:54)
Slight draw on the ball which flies between the posts. Souths lead 10 -2
(1H 35:10)
T Burgess back on the field. Have made 5 subs for the price of 3 due to 2 head bins (1H 35:10)
Penalty to Brisbane as Keary ruled not to play the ball in taking Kahu out going for the high ball (1H 36:41)
Broncos making good metres (1H 36:41)
Gavet drops it cold again under no pressure 10m out (1H 37:07)
Great break by Souths, Keary going down the left from dummy half and no one home for Broncs, ended up knock on Inglis chasing a grubber by Johnston (1H 37:57)
High tackle vs Walker (1H 37:57)
HALF TIME and Souths lead 10 – 2 with Walker getting the only try and 3 goals to Reynolds
(1H 38:30)
Pretty even half with Souths executing a little better (1H 39:11)
Extended break for the heat. Inglis restarts play (Half Time)
Hunt gets the kick away and Johnston tackled 15m out (2H 40:00)
Inglis almost though the line (2H 40:00)
Kahn makes a meal of the Reynolds spiral bomb with no opposition in sight, never in a good position Souths scrum 10m out (2H 40:12)
Reynolds beats 2 but taken down just before the line (2H 41:23)
Flat pass by Luke to Sutton who reaches over and scores what looks like a try but Refs going upstairs (2H 41:23)
Try Sutton (2H 41:38)
They were looking at the Kahu foot for ? penalty try but ruled not melicious (2H 43:01)
Reynolds makes no mistake with the conversion and Souths lead 16 – 2
(2H 43:01)
Sutton kick easily taken by Copley, Broncos ball 30m out (2H 43:19)
Milford somehow gets a kick away from a poor set by Brisbane (2H 44:02)
Inglis TRY in the left corner (2H 45:19)
Souths went the blind side via Luke and some lovely hands set Johnston in the clear down the touch line who got an inside ball back to Inglis just before getting pulled into to touch. Goanna is back! (2H 46:17)
Reynolds converts form the right side touch line (2H 47:01)
Another kick dead by Broncos, Keary did well to get a foot over the line. Souths penalty half way line. Coach killer (2H 47:05)
Kahu manages to get the kick back in play (2H 47:05)
Witchurch losses it 10m out (2H 49:24)
Grevsmuhl also losses the ball and Broncos off the hook….for now (2H 50:30)
Parker coming back on the field (2H 50:30)
Penalty vs Lowe for crusher tackle (2H 51:05)
McQueen on for the first time tonight (2H 51:05)
Lowe on report for tackle (2H 52:29)
Another penalty to Broncos 20m out. Take a quick tap 20m out (2H 52:29)
Gillet ? TRY (2H 52:29)
Refs going upstairs to see if he losses ball over the line. Replay looks fine (2H 52:29)
Broncos went right from the penalty and were able to find some space for Gillet to barge over (2H 53:21)
Tough conversion attempt by Parker from the right sideline who misses to the left (2H 53:21)
Souths lead 22 – 6 (2H 54:23)
McCullough is off and Parker is playing dummy half (2H 54:23)
Broncos keeping the ball alive on the 5th (2H 54:23)
After lots of juggling Reed losses it over the sideline, good idea, poor execution, barnstorming run by Gillet amongst it all (2H 55:51)
Keary scores with Inglis throwing the last pass (2H 55:51)
Luke scoots out of dummy half and found acres of room before threading it to Inglis who passed to Keary. Soft try and Broncos looking tired (2H 56:19)
Reynolds converts (2H 57:34)
ERROR: Reynolds missed the conversion (2H 57:34)
ERROR Reynolds is 4/4 (2H 60:38)
Broncos scrum on half way (2H 60:38)
Johnston collects in the in goal and takes the quick tap, scoots down the right side and gives it Keary who drops it with no one in front. Great work Johnston, try gone begging (2H 62:47)
Good metres by Broncos down the left side (2H 63:44)
Milford grubber too heavy. Restart to Souths (2H 63:44)
Copley collects 7m out from line (2H 64:56)
McCullough is back on (2H 65:40)
Inglis collects 28m form line (2H 65:40)
Penalty Souths vs Blair for “crowding” the play the ball (2H 66:34)
TRY Reddy right hand corner (2H 67:25)
Had all the big guns have a touch..Reynolds, to Inglis, to Walker to Reddy and it is all too easy for Souths (2H 68:26)
Reynolds nails it 5/5….34 – 6 to Souths. Brisbane in damage control with 10 to go (2H 69:25)
Ball goes down by Souths but knocked on by Brisbane. Scrum Souths (2H 69:28)
Kahn takes a high ball under pressure and Broncos knock on trying to escape their own line and the hurt continues (2H 72:17)
T Burgess coughs it up on the first and Broncos dodge a bullet (2H 72:17)
Reynolds gives away a penalty for wresting McCullough on the ground….followed by a bit of push and shove by the teams initiated by Hodges (2H 73:42)
Broncos pressing the Souths line and win a penalty (2H 74:57)
McCullough very close (2H 75:10)
Interception by Walker who got it away to Inglis but ruled held. Souths ball 10m out (2H 75:10)
Kahu forced to push the ball dead as Goodwin flying after a Keary kick (2H 76:54)
Great hands by Keary puts McQueen close. Subsequent play led to Broncos forcing ball dead. 1 minute to go (2H 77:54)
Gavet puts a MASSIVE hit on Clark who losses it (2H 78:48)
Souths regather as Broncos kick doesn’t pay off (2H 78:48)
Penalty Souths vs Gavet as Luke down as the siren sounds. Gavet on report for late shoulder to the head of Luke (2H 79:18)
Souths going for the 2 to put the final nail in the coffin. Simon gone. 51m out (2H 79:18)
Siron* (2H 79:18)
Fitting way to finish as Reynolds gets it and its GAME OVER 36 – 6 Souths (2H 80:00)
Convincing win by Souths who didn’t look like they were at their best which is an ominous sign. Too many errors and penalties by Broncos and Milford not threatening in attack. (2H 80:00)
Reynolds was Man of Match for mine (2H 80:00)


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