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Blog log from R3 of 2015: Sydney vs Penrith

Ferguson busts open MNF

Welcome to FanLeague’s coverage of MNF, Penrith kicks off to the Roosters. (Pre-match)
Tupou catches the first bomb to the right wing with no problem, 10m out. (Pre-match)
Waerea-Hargreaves stops John 5m out in an attack on the left wing. (1H 3:17)
Segeyaro is pinged for a forward pass 25m out from the line, rather unnecessary error there. (1H 4:35)
McKendry is penalised for holding on too long in defence at midfield. The Roosters get their first good field position. (1H 5:28)
Maloney waits long enough on an attack to the right wing to suck the defence in, then delivers a perfect cut out pass for Kenny-Dowall to score standing up. (1H 6:41)
Maloney bangs through an excellent sideline conversion, straight as a die just to the right of the black dot. (1H 7:44)
Brown fumbles on attack 40m out from the line, another Penrith error with ball in hand before they even started to threaten. (1H 9:40)
Moylan fields a Pearce kick and gives to Watene Zelezniak who is tackled in goal by four Roosters. (1H 11:55)
McIlwrick then drops it cold on the next play, 35m out from the Panthers line. (1H 11:55)
Moylan catches a rather short bomb 15m out from the line, the Roosters were offside. (1H 14:05)
Segeyaro is the next player to spill the ball under not much pressure, 40m out from the Rooster line. (1H 15:42)
Ferguson beats four with a line break and a tackle break or two on a rampaging run down the right, but is stopped 20m out. (1H 16:46)
On the next play, Ferguson knocks on 15m out under a heavy slinging tackle. (1H 16:46)
Watene Zelezniak has a run towards the right wing, leaps and tries to ground with Tuivasa-Sheck diving in front of him… video review shows he completed the brilliant try! (1H 19:48)
But the video ref somehow finds something wrong with it. No try awarded. (1H 19:59)
Guerra drops the ball in a double tackle 15m out from the Panthers line but the ref rules it was helped out. Easts take the penalty halfway in from the right touchline. (1H 22:00)
Maloney converts, just inside the right upright. (1H 23:07)
Wallace is penalised for a high tackle on Maloney near midfield to give Roosters a set starting 35m out. (1H 26:04)
The Roosters get consecutive sets in the Panthers’ half, but Idris intercepts 10m out on the right wing. (1H 27:56)
But Mansour drops it on the next play, more Roosters pressure in the red zone. (1H 28:32)
Penalty on Peachey for offside on defence near the try line, Roosters pile on the red zone touches. (1H 28:32)
Maloney grubbers on fifth tackle then chases and tackles John in goal. (1H 29:27)
Guerra has three Panthers to contend with and tries to leap for the line on the right wing, but the ref rules a double movement and the video ref agrees. (1H 30:39)
Mansour breaks a double tackle but is tackled by the full back before he reaches midfield. (1H 33:00)
Idris goes for a bomb near the left touchline but knocks it on. (1H 33:59)
Mansour fields a bomb on the left wing leaping over Kenny-Dowall and offloads as he’s falling to Idris for the score! (1H 36:07)
Moylan delivers another quality sideline conversion. Excellent kicking in still conditions this evening. (1H 36:53)
Both defences are quality as befits the ladder position these two sides achieved last season. That mystifying video ref decision is what splits the two teams at the break. (Half Time)
A knock-on by Campbell-Gillard ruins a Panthers set 25m out. (Half Time)
Taukeiaho breaks a double tackle and makes 20m across midfield. On the next play, Ferguson goes across on the right side! (Half Time)
It was Idris who was beaten one on one by Ferguson with a right-foot step. (Half Time)
Maloney splits the middle with the conversion. (Half Time)
Watene Zelezniak marks a Maloney chip 15m out with no problem. (Half Time)
Kenny-Dowell fields a grubber from Cartwright from 10m, also under not much pressure. (Half Time)
Turnovers by both teams near midfield in the same play, things getting a bit ragged. (Half Time)
Watene Zelezniak is tackled near the right sideline and gives it up with a fumble 5m out. (Half Time)
The bomb to the left wing again targets Watene Zelezniak, again he catches 15m out with not much pressure. (Half Time)
Moylan is the next to make a simple error with ball handling, this time dropping it 35 out from the Roosters line. (Half Time)
Another shallow Roosters kick is allowed to bounce 20m out, it goes backwards, Tuivasa Sheck fields but is claimed on last tackle. (Half Time)
Not much happening anywhere at the moment. Not even any cricket on. (Half Time)
Tuivasa-Sheck fields in the in goal and beats three Panthers to make it out to the 5m line. (Half Time)
Segeyaro knocks on from dummy half near midfield. Just not a high quality second half so far. (Half Time)
Maloney feeds Ferguson on the right wing, the Roosters have an extra man, Ferguson fakes and goes inside for his second try! (Half Time)
Nothing Wallace could do on the wing there. (Half Time)
Maloney goals inside the near upright from near the sideline. (Half Time)
Brown goes to Moylan who runs past Moa and flicks to Segeyaro, who crosses easily under the posts standing up! (Half Time)
After a Manu offload at midfield starts a run down the right side, Watene Zelezniak tries a kick to the posts from 25m but it’s too long and goes dead. (Half Time)
Moa takes two tacklers to 30m on the next Roosters set but bumbles on the play-the-ball. (Half Time)
Mansour goes for the left corner after receiving a tip by John, but the tip is ruled forward. (Half Time)
Peachey is in front of the kicker 25m out to kill off another Penrith raid. (2H 72:52)
Watene Zelezniak is carried over the sideline after fielding a Pearce grubber in goal. (2H 75:01)
Napa delivers a thundering shot on Segeyaro to force a spillage near midfield. The crowd loved that one! (2H 77:10)
That play will settle things, if they hadn’t been already. (2H 77:58)


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