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Blog log from R3 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Newcastle

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Newcastle, R3 of 2015

The undefeated Knight take on the Titans who have lost their first two games. (Pre-match)
The big news is the return of Bird, Taylor and Falloon for this game. The Titans have no changes to the team they named during the week (Pre-match)
The Knights have one change on the bench with Randell out and Mata’utia in (Pre-match)
Last week Leilua led the way in terms of fantasy thanks to two tries. Rochow and Snowden were also strong (Pre-match)
Titans had a miserable time in Bathurst against the Panthers without to many standouts from a fantasy point of view (Pre-match)
Both teams making their way out onto the field (Pre-match)
The Titans kick off through Sezar (Pre-match)
Snowden with the first hit up (Pre-match)
Snowden takes a second run (Pre-match)
Knights complete. Roberts kicks to Mead who brings it back to his 20m line (Pre-match)
Falloon gets his first touch at dummy half (1H 0:13)
Falloon then has a scurry just before the last (1H 0:13)
Titans complete their set, Mortimer kicks downfield (1H 0:13)
McManus finds space but his tackled by Mead, 60m run by McManus (1H 0:13)
Leilua drops the ball, a let off for the Titans (1H 0:44)
Bird and Taylor with some early involvements in defence (1H 0:44)
Titans have knocked on at the scrum. Knights in good field position (1H 1:49)
Gagai gets dragged into touch, in goal, good defence from the Titans (1H 2:19)
James put in a dangerous position by Sims, but no report. (1H 3:48)
Titans get a penalty (1H 3:48)
TRY Titans (1H 3:48)
Don over in the corner, some good work from Sezar, throws the cut out pass 4-0 Titans (1H 4:46)
Sezar’s kick from the sideline is good. 6-0 Titans (1H 5:47)
Titans complete their set. (1H 5:51)
Knights get a penalty on their 20m (1H 5:51)
Sims takes the first hit up, Knights in good field position (1H 8:24)
Knights looking dangerous with a kick into the in goal and they force a goal line drop out (1H 10:00)
TRY Knights (1H 10:00)
Knights come back in the repeat set, Gidley puts Scott into a huge hole and the Knights are on the board (1H 11:32)
Roberts converts, we’re locked up 6-6 (1H 11:32)
Roberts attempts a 40/20 but just misses it and the ball goes into touch, just inches in it (1H 13:07)
Knights offside, and Titans get the penalty, Roberts the man pinged there (1H 14:16)
Gold Coast grubber on the last and Gidley cleans up (1H 15:17)
Gagai finds some space, and goes all the way (1H 16:22)
REVIEW Ref has called try (1H 16:59)
Video is checking for a knock on before the Gagai break (1H 16:59)
Sims looks to have got a hand to it before Mullen cleaned it up and found Gagai (1H 17:10)
Video now checking the put down (1H 17:10)
TRY Knights. Gagai gets the green light 10-6 Newcastle (1H 17:10)
Conversion successful. Knights 12-6 (1H 20:20)
Bird gets penalised, Knights kick upfield, 30m out now (1H 20:20)
Knights grubber on the last, Mortimer is there to clean up (1H 20:20)
Forward pass from Titans, Knights get the scrum 40m from Titans line (1H 21:03)
Another pass that could easily have been a penalty for deliberate forward pass (1H 21:03)
Mortimer knocks down the pass to stop the play, Knights pressing again with another set (1H 22:19)
Mullen takes on the line but the ball gets knocked down by Hoffman as he went for an intercept (1H 23:21)
Knights scrum 10m out (1H 23:21)
Clydesdale burrows from dummy half but loses the ball (1H 23:45)
Titans scrum 10m out from their own line (1H 24:50)
Pettybourne on, Myles off (1H 24:50)
Houston on, Rochow off (1H 24:50)
Mosely also on now (1H 24:50)
Knights complete, Mullen finding touch (1H 24:50)
Titans scrum 10m from own line (1H 26:14)
Mosely makes half a break, Bird now in Knights territory (1H 26:14)
Titans complete. Gidley takes it well (1H 27:08)
Forward pass from Clydesdale, Titans scrum 30m from own line (1H 28:17)
Strong defence from Knights, but they get tangled with James after the ref calls held. Penalty to the Titans (1H 29:15)
Titans lose the ball 10m out and Scott comes up with the ball (1H 29:15)
Big kick by the Knights on the last and Mata’utia is ruled offside (1H 31:19)
Titans charging into Knights territory, good run by White (1H 31:19)
Sezar kicks high, and ref rules that James knocked on. (1H 31:54)
Knights work it from their own 20m (1H 31:54)
Mullen goes high with the kick, it’s allowed to bounce before the Titans clean up (1H 33:06)
Good metres by Titans, Mosely kicks to complete the set (1H 33:06)
White penalised in the ruck, Mullen finds touch past the halfway (1H 34:12)
Knights spill the ball in a scrappy play 10m out. Good offload from Scott but Mata’utia forces the pass (1H 35:01)
Titans scrum feed (1H 36:09)
Pettybourne a good offload but Zillman passes straight to Gagai. (1H 36:09)
Knights now earn a penalty (1H 36:53)
Knights will take a shot at goal (1H 36:53)
PENALTY GOAL, Roberts’ kick is good. Knights 14-6 (1H 36:53)
Knights get one last set before half time (1H 39:08)
Gidley goes to ground and the siren sounds, that’s half time (Half Time)
After conceding the first try, the Knights are in control. Mullen showing great poise, Gagai looking dangerous and Snowden has made 130m (Half Time)
The Titans will feel a little hard done by with a few decisions in that first half. They haven’t seen a lot of the ball and their strike weapons like Zillman and Hoffman haven’t done much (Half Time)
Atrocious conditions as the players come back for the second half, it’s bucketing down (Half Time)
Knights will kick off to start the second half (2H 40:00)
Roberts miskicks but Titans have it (2H 40:00)
Titans get a penalty (2H 40:00)
Sezar finds touch and the Titans are 30m out (2H 40:00)
Sezar grubbers but it’s far too deep. Newcastle bring it out to the 20m (2H 41:04)
Knights making easy metres up the middle and kick on the 3rd tackle (2H 41:39)
Ball too deep again and this time the Titans run it from their 20m (2H 41:39)
TRY Titans (2H 42:56)
Sezar puts up a towering bomb, Mata’utia allows it to bounce and Sezar follows through to grab a try under the posts (2H 43:41)
Knights 14-10 (2H 43:41)
Sezar converts right in front, Knights’ lead reduced to 2, 14-12 Knights (2H 43:41)
The rain has eased at CBus Super Stadium and James has picked up a penalty (2H 46:09)
Titans put it through the hands on the last but get wrapped up, change over (2H 47:01)
Knights keeping the ball alive, a kick on the last completes the set (2H 48:10)
Gold Coast playing simple as they bring it into Knights territory (2H 48:10)
Another big kick from Sezar and this time Mata’utia doesn’t allow it to bounce, catches it on his 10m (2H 48:10)
Knights make 60m, Roberts grubbers and Zillman is there at the back, Titans working it back from their 20m (2H 49:00)
Sezar goes for a 40/20 but doesn’t roll into touch, huge kick off the boot but no result (2H 49:54)
Knights complete their set, once again playing to the conditions (2H 49:54)
Titans complete and again Sezar goes high trying to get a mistake from the Knights back three, but none forthcoming (2H 50:42)
Mullen kicks high on the last, Don flies high over Uate to catch it safely, 20m out (2H 51:38)
Sezar chips on the last, the Titans get it back but are wrapped up, change over (2H 52:16)
Knights get a penalty, James inside the 10m, Knights find touch 25m out from Titans line (2H 53:13)
REVIEW, Gidley is over, ref has called no try (2H 54:35)
Leilua got a quick play of the ball, Gidley scooted from dummy half and Gidley loses the ball as he ran into Zillman (2H 55:35)
NO TRY, knock on Knights, Titans scrum 10m out (2H 55:35)
Knights all over the Titans in defence, Titans can’t get out of their own 10m (2H 56:50)
Taylor grabs the ball and charges forward, getting them big metres (2H 56:50)
Titans get a penalty on the last tackle, for a dangerous tackle (2H 56:50)
Titans now into Newcastle’s half (2H 56:50)
Well weighted kick by the Titans traps Uate in goal and they force a drop out (2H 57:41)
Titans again go to the air through Sezar and the Knights are trapped in goal again, another drop out (2H 59:04)
Double knock on in front of the sticks, Sezar the first as he tried to run the ball (2H 59:04)
Knights scrum 10m out from their own line (2H 60:20)
Knights making good metres, Snowden adds to his tally (2H 60:20)
Knights complete and again Titans have to work from their own red zone (2H 61:47)
Don make a big break down the left side (2H 61:47)
TRY Titans (2H 61:47)
Sezar has been the man most likely trying everything and he was there to back up to score under the posts (2H 61:47)
GOAL Sezar converts from in front, Titans 18-14 (2H 62:28)
Titans get a penalty of the restart (2H 62:40)
Another penalty against Sim, that’s his third (2H 62:40)
Sezar kicks, Don catches offloads to Zillman who kicks and it bounces off Uate into touch. Not played at, Knights ball (2H 66:12)
Knights complete their set, again, Titans deep in their own end (2H 66:12)
Mortimer kicks out on the full, that’s costly (2H 67:10)
Sims gets a high shot from Pettybourne and is down (2H 68:04)
Pettybourne is on report (2H 68:04)
Knights penalty, in good field position now (2H 69:23)
Roberts goes to the air and Zillman defuses it, Titans 10m out from own line (2H 69:23)
Titans complete their set, Knights work it off their own line (2H 69:44)
Leilua make a break down the touchline but Hoffman comes across in cover and takes him into touch, great cover defence (2H 70:39)
Titans scrum 10m from their own line (2H 70:39)
Mortimer has kicked out on the full again! (2H 71:08)
So much for wanting to play alongside DCE next year! (2H 72:28)
Knights are in sensational field position again (2H 72:28)
Again the Knights can’t capitalise, McManus gets wrapped up on the last (2H 73:33)
Mullen has stayed down after getting hit by Bird as he passed to McManus (2H 73:33)
Bird showed immediate concern (2H 73:33)
Mullen goes off, Taylor is wrongly put on report (2H 74:20)
No penalty as the next tackle had already occurred (2H 74:20)
Titans complete their set (2H 74:20)
Knights back into Titans territory and get a penalty (2H 75:25)
Titans have to defend their line again (2H 75:25)
TRY Knights! (2H 75:25)
Jeremy Smith runs straight under the post, good pass by Clydesdale and great lead up work by Uate to earn a penalty (2H 76:11)
We’re locked up 18 all kick to come (2H 76:11)
Roberts converts to put the Knights in front 20-18 (2H 76:21)
Titans with the short kick off and they get the ball back! (2H 76:21)
Titans 40m out on the 3rd tackle (2H 76:21)
The play has broken down, Titans turn the ball over (2H 78:00)
Knights knock on but ref rules no advantage (2H 78:00)
Knights complete their set as Gidley kicks it into touch (2H 79:31)
Titans try to get time blown off (2H 79:31)
Titans kick down field on the first tackle and no one was ready for it, no one was there and the siren sounds! (2H 80:00)
Full time. Knights win 20-18. Knights remain undefeated and Titans remain winless (2H 80:00)


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