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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Parramatta v Manly

Eels crush Sea Eagles with seven tries

Welcome to Friday Night Football. Looking forward to a great game between these clubs. A fierce rivalry was built between these clubs in the 70s and 80’s (Pre-match)
and it is set to continue with all the intrigue this week with Arthur linked to Manly while Foran has been linked to the Eels. (Pre-match)
Looking forward to watching Choc Watmough after his dramatic split from the Eagles and his comments in the press this week
and how will DCE perform with all the controversy surrounding him this week? (Pre-match)
Wicks and Pauli Pauli drop out of the 17 for the Eels whilst Horo misses out for the Eagles (Pre-match)
Teams out on the ground now…. big crowd at Parramatta. (Pre-match)
Minutes silence for terry Fearnley RIP
Eagles to kick off
Watmough’s first run makes ten meters
Poor pass from Lussick and Norman knocks on. Manly scrum and feed 40m out
Mason smashed!
DCE kicks on the last and Hopoate safe as he takes it just outside the in-goal. Eels penalty takes them to 30m out from their line (1H 1:48)
Good bomb from Sandow taken safely by Blair 2m out from his line (1H 2:33)
Physical start to the game. Both sides swapping good sets of six. Sandow looking sharp (1H 3:32)
penalty Eagles. Lussick again (1H 4:30)
Huge hit on Lawrence and he drops the ball 40m out from his line (1H 5:23)
Radrada in in the corner. Eels are looking very strong. Sharp out of dummy half and very physical in defence (1H 5:23)
Lovely backline play down the left hand side and Semi pushes over in the corner. 4-0,kick to come (1H 7:20)
Reece Robinson taking over the kicking duties and slots it over from the corner! Beautiful kick 6-0 eels (1H 7:23)
Peats smashed by Mason (1H 9:27)
Lussick makes another terrible mistake pushing a stupid pass 25m out from his line. Compounded by Eels giving away a penalty. Manly on the attack 25m out
(1H 10:44)
Lussick having a shocker (1H 10:44)
Blair over in the corner but ruled a forward pass by Foran. Wow, went backwards… bad call! Should have been a try. (1H 11:35)
eels cough it up 10m out from their line. Manly back on the attack. (1H 12:42)
Eels shot on their right hand side but Reece Robinson saves a certain try by knocking the ball down. Manly scrum 10m out. (1H 12:42)
Eels right hand side looking shaky. Rushing up and in causing huge space. Only a matter of time. (1H 12:42)
Gutherson looks to have hurt his knee. Taken from the field. Lets hope he is ok (1H 13:59)
Symonds to left centre (1H 13:59)
Semi Radrada goes on a get run after picking up a DCE kick and makes 40m beating player after player. And gets a penalty! (1H 14:38)
Eels on the attack 15m out. (1H 14:38)
Sandow to Hopoate and he strolls over in the right hand side. Great try! 10-0 Eels kick to come (1H 16:09)
Reece Robinson misses badly to the left and the score remains the same. 10-0 Eels (1H 16:09)
Manu now drops it on the 3rd coming off the kick off and Manly on the attack 35m out. manly penalty… Mannah gives it away in the play the ball (1H 17:49)
Luke Burgess comes on in his debut for Manly (1H 17:49)
Beautiful inside ball from Foran to Stewart 5m out on the Eeels right hand side and the brown snake is in! Try awarded. 10-4 Eels kick to come (1H 19:02)
Lyon kicks it about 12m in from the touchline and slots it straight over the back dot! 10-6 Eels. (1H 19:02)
Lussick hitting hard. Peats gives away another penalty at marker (offside). Manly attacking again 35m out (1H 21:06)
Hiku drops it in the corner after a cut out pass from DCE and the Eels escape (1H 22:21)
good set from Eels and Manly get the ball back 5m out from their own line. great kick from Sandow (1H 23:23)
DCE returns the favour with a huge kick on the last and Eels back 10m out from their own line. great kick chase from Foran (1H 24:35)
Takairangi makes a break but passes it over the touchline trying to find Radradra. Manly scrum 30m out from their line (1H 25:17)
Refs miss blatant Manly forward pass. Play on (1H 25:51)
Lovely break down the touchline from Hiku… kicks for Stewart but it goes touch in goal (1H 25:51)
Momentum has shifted to the Eagles (1H 25:51)
Bit of push and shove. Watmough in the middle of it! Junior Paulo on report for a dangerous tackle (1H 27:53)
Sene-Lefao is on and is making an impact. Mateo little kick in goal is forced dead by Robinson (1H 28:52)
Sene Lefao is smashed but running hard! Loving this (1H 30:28)
Hiku dancing around and nearly sneaks through on the Eels left hand side. looking dangerous. DCE forces another drop out (1H 31:31)
Blair try in the right corner. Symonds decoy, Foran hits cuts him out and hits Stewart who finds Blair in the corner 10-10 kick to come (1H 33:26)
Lyon 15m out from the touchline slots it again over the black dot. 12-10 manly (1H 33:26)
De Gois on and immediately makes an impact. Steals 10m out of dummy half and then picks up a penalty. (1H 35:09)
Eels on the attack 20m out from the manly line. (1H 35:09)
Takairangi looking strong every time he touches the ball (1H 35:09)
Semi in for a double. Great hands from the Eels, especially Junior Paulo who keeps it alive for Norman. Norman flicks it to Takairangi who simply passes to Semi who strolls over untouched 14-12 Eels (1H 36:55)
Robinson curls it around. 16-12. beautiful kick! (1H 37:17)
Solid set from Eels and Manly 10m out from their line with a minute to go (1H 37:21)
eels muscling up in defence (1H 38:27)
And thats half time. Momentum swinging all over the place. Eels dominate early on but the Eagles came back only for the Eels to finish ahead at half time (Half Time)
Both sides look shaky down their right hand defensive side. Eels spine looking sharp. Foran and Stewart combining beautifully for the Eagles. Eels hitting harder in defence. (Half Time)
Manly with 60% possession but behind on the scoreboard. (Half Time)
Back on. Eels kick off. Watmough tries to smash Hasson off the kick off and hit with a knee lift. Watmough injured.. look like a sternum (Half Time)
penalty Eels. Hasson on report for lifting the knees (2H 40:00)
Watmough comes off the field. Gower on. (2H 40:00)
Reece Robinson takes a shot at goal from right in front. No dramas. 18-12 (2H 40:15)
manly kick off… Eels forwards running really hard. They are fired up…. and get a penalty! Right on half way. Kick takes them 35m out from the manly line (2H 40:20)
And WOW… Sandow scores! Lovely play from the Eels (2H 40:20)
Thrown through the backline..Robinson kicks back inside and Sandow grounds the ball in the in goal. What a start by the Eels in the 2nd half. 22-12 Eels Kick to come (2H 42:27)
Robinson slots it and its 24-12 Eels. (2H 42:59)
Junior Paulo is trampling the manly forwards. great run (2H 43:05)
Eels finding room on the outside. Champion makes a mistake 30m out from the manly line. Manly scrum and feed. (2H 43:05)
penalty manly.. champion gives it away. back to back errors from champion (2H 45:24)
manly 30m out from the eels line (2H 45:24)
last tackle 1m out from the line… another manly penalty! (2H 45:55)
sandow knocks it down… six again.. 10m out from the parramatta line (2H 47:32)
radradra cleans up a lyon kick and the eels escape danger. great defensive set from the eels… and they get a penalty (2H 47:32)
mateo gives it away and eels are piggy backed out of their 20m. kick takes them 40m out from their line (2H 48:20)
peats and de gois both on the field (2H 48:20)
norman forces a line drop out. manly forward pack looking tired. eels all over them (2H 49:02)
gutherson not coming back… off for scans with fears it is an ACL tear (2H 50:23)
norman cuts out two and hits radradra who scores his THIRD in the corner. lovely stuff from norman 28-12 kick to come. manly looking shot, this could be anything (2H 50:56)
robinson strikes it beautifully from the corner and slots another one. 30-12 eels (2H 50:56)
Moeroa getting treatment on a shoulder in the sheds (2H 52:39)
eels forwards making big meters… (2H 52:39)
TRY!! sandow chip and chases, regathers and hits norman who finds Takairangi and he scores in the corner. Wonderful rugby league. 34-12 eels kick to come (2H 55:10)
robinson kicks it from almost the identical spot from a few minutes ago and the result is the same. great kick! 36-12. manly on the ropes (2H 55:45)
incredible bomb from sandow and beautifully taken from stewart. great football. (2H 57:21)
penalty manly. kick takes them to halfway (2H 57:21)
mason back on (2H 57:21)
morea out for the rest of the night with a shoulder injury (nerve) but watmough about to come on. (2H 58:23)
parra knock on and manly scrum feed 10m out from the eels line (2H 59:05)
another penalty manly (2H 59:05)
wonderful defence eels (2H 60:07)
DCE puts in little kick but tidied up by hopoate. great defence (2H 61:04)
Norman kicks out on the full and Manly tap 30m from the Eels line. bad error from Norman (2H 61:04)
mason smashed by manu… good hit (2H 61:04)
foran drops the ball. he is hurt… looks like a hamstring. big blow for the eagles. he is coming off. (2H 61:04)
WHAT A TRY.. Reece Robinson out of dummy half beats a heap down the right hand side and links up with lussick who gives a great ball to Sandow. He is in for his 2nd. Beautiful football (2H 63:50)
40-12 eels .. kick to come. about 15m in from the right upright. no dramas from robinson. 42-12 (2H 64:39)
still 14 minutes to go. eels look like they will get to 60 (2H 64:39)
eels so strong in defence.. they are smashing them (2H 64:51)
DCE makes a break and runs 30m before being wrapped up by Semi. (2H 64:51)
natives are restless. Lussick and Lawrence having a wrestle. everyone wrestling. parramatta penalty (2H 67:39)
ballin pushes manu which kicked it all off. (2H 68:22)
parra 10m out and on the attack (2H 68:22)
semi over but held up and pushed back.. so close to his 4th. norman knocks on on the next tackle(stripped but refs missed it). (2H 68:22)
manly scrum 10m out (2H 68:22)
lussick with a big hit on Dunamis Lui (2H 69:16)
terrible kick on the last from jamie lyon. kicks it straight to joseph paulo. eels possession on the half way (2H 69:56)
eels mistake. manly scrum and feed on 40m out from their line (2H 71:17)
manly knock from a bomb on the last. eels ball, 10m out from their line. sloppy last play from manly. (2H 71:56)
good run from mason but makes a mistake (trying to kick!) and turns it over. Eels 15m out from their own line. (2H 74:38)
another high sandow bomb taken safely by blair (2H 75:30)
lui running strongly but smashed again (2H 76:11)
hoipoate makes a break and kicks into space. sandow chasing for his third try but toes it ahead too hard and the ball goes into touch. great offload from gower to set it all up. (2H 77:10)
hopoate regather a kick in his in goal and somehow makes it out into the field of play. he has been great tonight. (2H 77:57)
and that’s full time. Eels far to strong from a pretty lack lustre manly side. completely dominated in the forwards. (2H 79:19)
42 – 12. Sandow, Takairangi and Radradra the best for the Eels, and their forward pack was fantastic. (Full Time)
Foran and Stewart the best for the Eagles. Not much else to cheer about (Full Time)


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