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Blog log from R3 of 2015: South Sydney vs Wests

Blog log for South Sydney vs Wests, R3 of 2015

Sunday afternoon football today is coming from ANZ Stadium and features two teams yet to taste defeat this season (Pre-match)
There are a couple of team changes for both sides (Pre-match)
John Sutton is replaced by Tim Grant in #18 with Grant making his debut for the Rabbitohs and Ben Lowe replaced by Cameron McInnes in #19. (Pre-match)
Daryl Millard drops off the bench (Pre-match)
For the Tigers, Matt Lodge has been replaced by Jack Buchanan in #19 and Lamar Liolevave drops off the bench (Pre-match)
Last start, George Burgess, Reynolds and Luke were the stand outs and that showed in their fantasy returns. For the Tigers, Tedesco, Richards and Woods were the best against the Dragons (Pre-match)
Players are making their way out onto the field (Pre-match)
Souths kick things off, and we’re underway (Pre-match)
Woods with the first hit up
Tigers complete their set and Reddy gets cleaned up and Richards ends with the spoils (1H 0:36)
REVIEW Richards in the corner after Reddy dropped the ball when Taupau hits him hard (1H 0:36)
Video looks at onside from Brooks kick, Richards looks to be offside (1H 1:11)
NO TRY Hit by Taupau was legal but Richards was offside off the kick (1H 1:11)
Woods with two runs in that first set including an offload (1H 1:11)
Souths in possession work into Tigers territory (1H 1:11)
Reynolds grubbers and Farah is there to claim it, working it out 10m from their own line (1H 1:11)
Tigers complete with a 40m gain, Inglis brings it back to the 30m (1H 1:52)
Souths get to their kick, Keary skies it, allowed to bounce and try to keep it alive but it’s a penalty for offside to the Tigers. (1H 3:52)
REVIEW Naiqama in the far corner but is bundled into touch (1H 4:10)
20m restart for Souths (1H 5:26)
Penalty to Souths on the 5th tackle for holding down. Souths with a set 20m out (1H 5:26)
Walker does his best to stay alive and is held up in goal on the last in what was a average set from Souths (1H 6:51)
Tigers now get a penalty (1H 6:51)
Tigers start from 40 out from Souths line (1H 7:36)
Enterprising play from Tigers breaks down with a knock on from Richards, poor pass from Tedesco (1H 8:45)
Reddy makes a break down the right side but the pass inside to Walker is forward (1H 9:19)
Tigers with the scrum feed 30m from their own line (1H 10:28)
Penalty to the Tigers, 35m out (1H 10:28)
Another forward pass, this time from Brooks 5m out from the Rabbitohs line (1H 11:40)
Walker has left the field and is going up the tunnel (1H 12:37)
Grant heavily involved in his first game of the season (1H 12:37)
Souths get a penalty for the Tigers being inside the 10 (1H 12:37)
Kick finds touch 28m out from Tigers line (1H 12:37)
Grevsmuhl has come on for Walker, McQueen has shifted to right centre (1H 13:35)
Souths spill the ball through GBurgess (1H 14:37)
Tigers work it out from their own red zone (1H 14:37)
Strong run by Sironen gets Tigers into opp territory (1H 14:37)
Great follow up run by Taupau, kick from Farah hits Souths defender who didn’t play at it (1H 15:50)
Souths complete their set, Tigers 30m out from own line (1H 16:24)
Walker looks ready to come back on (1H 16:24)
Tigers making great yardage, 66m gain (1H 16:24)
Ball goes to ground and McQueen cleans up and is away (1H 16:24)
Play is called up for a dangerous tackle by Richards on Inglis. Richards on report (1H 17:13)
GBurgess knocks on again, Souths have squandered another opportunity close to the line (1H 18:06)
Tigers work it out from their own half and get a penalty (1H 19:20)
TBurgess ready to come on (1H 19:20)
Tigers kick gets them within Souths 20m zone (1H 20:31)
Johnston get a hand to it and it’s 6 again for the Tigers (1H 20:31)
Lawrence can’t handle the pass from Tedesco close to the line as it bounces off his chest (1H 21:49)
Rabbitohs with a 44m gain and complete their set (1H 23:51)
Tigers working it from their own goal line (1H 23:51)
Santi is on for the Tigers (1H 23:51)
Tigers only make 30m but complete their set, Inglis runs it back to his own 40m (1H 23:51)
Reynolds kicks for the corner of Johnston, Naiqama catches it but is caught in goal. (1H 24:18)
Tigers goal line drop out (1H 25:27)
Rabbitohs making easy metres in the last three sets, they must be close to scoring (1H 25:27)
Reynolds again goes to air, trying to target Moses, the ball goes to ground and Luke knocks it on. (1H 26:03)
Tigers get a penalty and find touch 45m out from the Rabbitohs line (1H 26:03)
try tigers (1H 28:13)
Robbie Farah grubbers 4m out, it deflects off a Souths leg and back into the arms of Farah 4-0 Tigers (1H 29:29)
Richards converts from right in front 6-0 Tigers (1H 29:29)
Woods came close in the play before after getting a good inside pass from Brooks (1H 29:42)
Woods gets a break after 31 minutes, well earned (1H 29:42)
Great set by Tigers, big break from Tedesco, grubber kick by Moses is cleaned up by Souths who get back into the field of play (1H 32:23)
Souths complete their set, Tigers start from 15m out from own line (1H 32:23)
Sironen makes half a break but the pass to Brooks goes to ground (1H 32:23)
Souths get a penalty for holding down, find touch 40m out from the Tigers line (1H 33:00)
GBurgess back on after a short break (1H 33:00)
TRY Souths (1H 33:00)
Johnston on the end of a cut out ball from Inglis to score in the corner (1H 33:49)
Inglis has been very quiet this game but the moment he gets involved, something happens (1H 33:49)
Reynolds converts and we’re locked up 6-6 (1H 34:24)
Souths complete, Tedesco struggles to field it but it’s knock back (1H 36:41)
Santi knocks it on 22 out from his own line (1H 36:41)
Souths now on the attack (1H 36:41)
Inglis dragged down 1m out (1H 36:41)
REVIEW Walker is over out wide off a great kick on the last by Reynolds (1H 36:41)
Ref wants to check grounding (1H 39:31)
TRY Walker plants it down with his right hand while his left hand is heavily strapped (1H 39:31)
Walker wanted to keep his injured hand as far out of it as possible (1H 39:34)
Reynolds misses the kick. Souths 10-6 and that’s half time (1H 39:34)
Both teams making their way back for the second half (Half Time)
Tigers kick off to get the second half underway (Half Time)
TBurgess with the first hit up, GBurgess takes the next one (Half Time)
TBurgess takes another hit up and drops it cold (Half Time)
Tigers with the scrum feed 35m out from Souths line (Half Time)
Sironen loses the ball in the tackle of Stewart 5m out from the line (2H 40:35)
Souths scrum 10m out from their own line (2H 40:35)
48m gain from Souths, set complete and Tedesco knocks on the kick from Reynolds (2H 41:40)
Souths attacking 10m out (2H 42:50)
Reynolds grubber and Tedesco takes it dead in goal (2H 43:08)
Walker came close in that set but couldn’t use his left hand to fend off defenders, got up clutching (2H 43:08)
REVIEW Inglis is over and they’re checking for obstruction (2H 43:08)
TRY Souths. Run around from Reynolds finds Inglis and Tedesco can’t stop from from that distance, Souths 14-6 kick to come (2H 46:00)
Reynolds converts. 16-6 Souths (2H 46:00)
Souths complete but Reynolds has been taken out by Taupau in back play (2H 48:55)
Reynolds clutching at his shoulder (2H 48:55)
Reynolds is up but no penalty, Taupau has gotten away with that one, for now (2H 48:55)
Taupau has turned the ball over, Souths were ready to rip into him (2H 49:19)
Souths scrum 30m out from Tigers line (2H 49:19)
Luke attracts a penalty on the first tackle. Taupau slams him into the turf (2H 50:34)
Souths attacking 20m out (2H 50:34)
REVIEW Tigers defence holds up there, Reynolds grubbers on the last and is claiming a try (2H 51:34)
Ref says no try (2H 52:53)
Clarke knocks the ball out of Simona’s hands and now it’s a penalty restart for the Tigers because Luke was offside (2H 53:15)
Tedesco runs wide but can’t break the line and falls into a hard but legal shot by Inglis (2H 54:39)
Brooks grubbers but Walker cleans up. Souths working it from their own danger zone (2H 54:39)
Souths complete their set, straight to Naiqama (2H 54:39)
Tigers forward pass first tackle. Moses the man to make the mistake (2H 54:39)
Souths scrum 40m out from Tigers line (2H 54:39)
TBurgess charges up the middle and drops the ball, possession back with Tigers 20m from own line (2H 55:15)
Tigers complete their set (2H 55:15)
Great run by Walker (2H 55:15)
Kick goes high and comes off Souths and Tedesco shadows it dead. Tigers 20m restart (2H 57:17)
McQueen penalised for holding on too long. Tigers now 30m out (2H 57:17)
Brooks grubbers on the last but Inglis cleans up (2H 58:12)
Souths complete. Another big kick by Reynolds. (2H 59:01)
Brooks kicks high on the last and again Inglis is under it (2H 59:01)
Walker a huge run down the right touch line (2H 59:35)
REVIEW Reddy runs from dummy half for the try line (2H 59:35)
Ball is short of the line (2H 59:59)
NO TRY, short of the line, last tackle still with Souths (2H 59:59)
REVIEW Ref again says no try but it goes up stairs (2H 59:59)
NO TRY Kick by Reynolds, Tyrell goes up for it but Lawrence knocks it on, Goodwin couldn’t ground it and Souths get the scrum feed 10m out (2H 62:07)
Inglis pass to Reddy is knocked on with the try line in front of him. (2H 62:38)
Tigers make great metres, they’re in striking range (2H 62:38)
Tigers go short side for Moses who grubbers but it’s too big (2H 63:47)
Ref wants to check who it came off (2H 63:47)
Video says Inglis is the last man to touch the ball, goal line drop out Rabbitohs (2H 63:53)
Penalty against Souths for a dangerous tackle on Galloway (2H 65:08)
Galloway and Buchanan getting in each others face, Galloway pushes him away (2H 65:10)
Tigers on the attack (2H 65:10)
Tempers flare again, Taupau and Luke again at each other (2H 65:10)
Luke with a cracking hit on Taupau and Taupau doesn’t take kindly to it (2H 65:10)
Souths are going to get the scrum feed 20m from own line, both Farah and Inglis getting in the refs ear (2H 67:20)
Half chance from McInnes goes awry but Souths get the scrum feed 20m from Tigers line (2H 67:20)
Stewart loses the ball suspended over the line, restart for the Tigers (2H 67:20)
55m gain for the Tigers (2H 67:49)
Brooks kick comes off Reddy and it’s 6 again (2H 68:12)
Brooks to Tedesco out wide and Tedesco knocks on 10m out (2H 68:12)
Souths complete their set, Tedesco slips a tackle and brings it back to the 20m (2H 69:49)
53m gain for the Tigers, they go to a high kick and Inglis catches it no problems (2H 71:26)
Souths now into Tigers territory (2H 71:26)
Keary stabs a kick on the last but Richards catches it easily (2H 71:26)
Tigers turn the ball over. Souths will start the set from halfway (2H 73:09)
Tim Grant almost gets over, Tedesco rakes the ball out as he tries to put it down. Taupau forces the ball and it’s a line drop out (2H 74:30)
Aaron Woods is limping off with an ankle injury (2H 74:30)
REVIEW Souths are in for a try (2H 74:30)
Reynolds grubbers from 10m out and Walker is there to pounce (2H 75:42)
TRY Walker. Souths 20-6 kick to come. That’s Walker’s second (2H 76:11)
Reynolds misses the conversion. Souths 20-6 (2H 76:12)
Ball goes forward off Goodwin. Tigers scrum 25m from Souths line (2H 76:12)
REVIEW Farah has burrowed over for a try on the 4th tackle (2H 77:12)
Ref says no try (2H 77:12)
NO TRY Video confirms it with Farah spilling the ball over the line (2H 77:12)
Souths 20m tap (2H 77:12)
Forward pass from Reynolds to Inglis turns the ball back to the Tigers 20m from the Tigers line (2H 78:42)
Knock on from the Tigers, 40m out from their own line. (2H 79:02)
Inglis kicks on the first tackle off the scrum, Tigers run it dead (2H 80:00)
Tigers drop out for one last play (2H 80:00)
GBurgess takes the hit up and the siren sounds in the background Full time! (2H 80:00)
Rabbitohs remain undefeated winning 20-6 (2H 80:00)


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