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Blog log from 2015 Charity Shield: South Sydney vs St George-Illawarra

Blog log of 2015 Charity Shield

This is a blog log from Matthew Allan, who was one of many who answered the call for livebloggers for FanLeague and wrote the best live updated blog.

Reynolds, Stewart and G Burgess not playing for Souths despite being named earlier in the week. (1H 0:00)
Dragons through Dugan to kick off. (1H 0:00)
Penalty South Sydney after Dragons strip the ball. Kick takes them to half way (1H 0:33)
Penalty Dragons. Shepherd after Walker runs behind his man. Luke looking sharp early on. (1H 1:31)
South line drop out after Widdop finds the in goal with a grubber on the last. (1H 2:50)
Refs send it upstairs after Rein scoots from dummy half 5 meters out on the 4th. No try short! (1H 4:04)
Walker breaks away to the 40m after incepting the kick on the 6th but drops the ball! (1H 4:57)
Penalty Dragons (1H 5:14)
Goodwin defuses dangerous Widdop cross kick. Dragons looking very sharp with great shape either side of the ruck. (1H 6:28)
Big hit by Rein on Grant and he drops the ball. 2nd incomplete set in a row by the Bunnies. (1H 7:11)
Penalty Dragons. Too long in the tackle 30 meters out from the Bunnies line. (1H 7:54)
Tryell smashed Creagh. Great shot! (1H 8:50)
Another Widdop kick defused, this time by Johnston (1H 9:10)
Luke kicks on the last but straight down Nightingale’s throat. He takes it back 40meters from his own line (1H 9:58)
Dugan makes break down left hand side but breaks down after Nightingale throws wayward pass. Dragons looking dangerous so far. (1H 10:35)
Reddy defuses Widdop bomb. South battling 10 meters out from their own line. (1H 12:10)
Walker kicks straight to Nightingale with nothing kick. Dragons up to half way already after the 4th. (1H 13:08)
Creagh drops the ball 40 meters out from the Dragons line. Souths scrum feed. (1H 13:55)
Crowd favourite big George Rose comes on the field to a cheer from the crowd. (1H 14:45)
Penalty Souths. Dragons offside. Touch finder takes them to 20 meters out. First real attacking chance. (1H 14:54)
Goodwin drops in on the 4th 5 meters out. Souths 3rd knock on of the night! (1H 16:07)
Dragons already inside Bunnies half. Farrell looks huge compared to last year as he runs straight over the top of his opposite number. (1H 17:17)
Dangerous kick from Benji defused. Best kick by the Dragons so far. (1H 17:50)
Creagh off to the blood bin after a nasty looking head cut (1H 17:59)
Great run from Grant takes the Bunnies over the half way (1H 18:15)
Another nothing kick straight down Dugan’s throat. (1H 18:25)
Penalty Dragons. Souths too slow in the tackle. Dragons 30 out. (1H 19:00)
Probing run from Aiken sees him 5 meters out (1H 19:57)
Nielsen loses ball. Its been all Dragons in attack but Souths defence look very strong (1H 20:10)
Penalty South. Dragons working the leg in the tackle. Kick takes them 35 meters out from Dragons line (1H 20:47)
Sloppy pass from Luke turns over possession 7 metres out. Souths now completed only 7/12 (1H 21:34)
Huge kick from Benji sees the Bunnies again trapped in their 10m. And they drop the ball. Dragons right on the attack (1H 22:10)
Marshall!! From the scrum runs wide down the right, busts through Keary and scores 10ms in from the right hand touchline. He is back looking super fit and quick. (1H 23:15)
Widdop converts. Dragons 6-0 (1H 24:49)
O’Brien drops the ball after a good hit and Souths Scrum 45 from Dragons line (1H 26:02)
Keary kick high to the corner but beautifully taken but Farrell. He looks big and fit. (1H 27:30)
Widdop kicks on the last straight to Johnston (1H 27:55)
Walker kicks spiralling bomb and Dugan spills it. Impossible to catch that one. Great kick (1H 28:50)
Johnston drops the ball and South again fail to complete yet another set. (1H 29:30)
Great kick Marshall and Johnston only just gets out of his in goal (1H 30:10)
Nice run Goodwin as Benji races up and misses tackle. Souths 40m out from their own line (1H 31:35)
Souths look completely disjointed (1H 32:50)
Walker finds touch 25m out from the Dragons line (1H 34:02)
Rookie Nutria looking strong with some solid hit ups (1H 34:52)
Forwards pass to Ah Mau. (1H 35:00)
Keary poor cross kick and Dragons easily defuse. (1H 36:24)
Huge shot by Frizzell on Hughes (1H 37:29)
Keary starting to inject himself more, Souths looking more dangerous (1H 37:50)
Hughes drops ball over the line after some lovely play by Goodwin (1H 38:14)
Wow, Widdop kicks back centre field, Johnston makes an absolute meal of it and its just grounded by Reddy before Thompson swoops (1H 39:25)
Drop out from Souths and Widdop has a shot at field goal. Its short and its half time. Dragons 6-0 (1H 35:59)
Dragons forwards dominating, Marshall and Widdop look sharp. Souths attack and kicking game is woeful, but their defence looks very solid. (1H 40:00)
Dragons penalty. Souths offside. Kick takes them 30 ms out (2H 40:45)
Taukafa saves try with knock down. Dragons feed scrum 11 out. (2H 41:34)
Nightingale held up down left side on tackle 3. great Souths defence. (2H 42:43)
Widdop to Dugan cuts out Runciman and hits Nightingale who crosses in the left hand corner. Nightingale drops it over the line. Should have scored! (2H 43:10)
Dragons hitting hard in defence and Souths going no where. (2H 44:28)
Penalty Souths. Dragons hand on the ball in the ruck. Kick takes them 40m out. (2H 44:47)
Forward pass from Keary to McQueen not called. Souths 15m out. Kicks on the last but defused by Dugan. (2H 45:15)
Oh no. Dugan has hyper extended his knee and it looks bad. He is staying out there though. Hope he is ok. (2H 45:58)
Now Souths muscling up in defence. Widdop has to kick from inside his own 40m (2H 46:10)
Tyrell drops (passes) it backwards and Rein knocks on trying to gather the ball. Strong defence again from Ah Mau. Rabbits scrum 40m out from Dragons line. (2H 47:20)
Keary inside ball to Johnson shutdown 7 meters out. Dugan off now. (2H 48:40)
Great cross field kick by Walker. Taukafa gathers beautifully but drops it over the line under a lot of pressure. The youngster is looking a pretty good prospect. (2H 49:01)
Goodwin makes break down the left hand side and gets to the half way on tackle one. (2H 50:20)
Another dangerous kick from Walker directed under the posts but well read from Mata’utia who cleans up beautifully. And gains the penalty! Double play! (2H 51:03)
Dragons 25m out from Souths line on tackle 2. (2H 51:59)
Dragons score! Marshall kicks to the corner. Gathered by Nabuli who is going out but keeps his head and passes inside to Runciman who scores in the left corner! (2H 52:25)
Widdop converts. Dragons 12-0. Great kick (2H 53:25)
Lots of fresh legs with unlimited interchange and the game looks to have gone up a notch. Luke back out for Souths. (2H 55:04)
Dugan not returning but reports good from the sheds and he will be ok for the world club challenge next week. (2H 56:18)
Luke picks up 10m darting out of dummy half. (2H 57:00)
Great kick from Keary finds the in goal and forces a restart. (2H 57:20)
Massive drop out from Marshall goes 60 meters. (2H 58:06)
Johnston drops an inside pass from Walker. Luke slowing things out of dummy half and the Bunnies look disjointed in attack. (2H 58:44)
Marshall bomb defused by Grevsmuhl. Nice take in plenty of traffic (2H 60:14)
Another dangerous kick bomb Walker directed under the posts but again Mata’utia takes beautifully. And gains the penalty! He is doing some good things tonight. (2H 61:13)
Widdop grubber fails to find the in goal and is jumped on by Souths. (2H 62:33)
Dragons looking hunger in defence. Rushing up as one line putting the Bunnies under pressure. (2H 63:01)
Nabuli with a strong kick return takes the Dragons to the half way. (2H 63:30)
South try. Against the run of play Manuleleua swoops on a loose pass from Marshall and runs 75m to score near the posts. 12-4 (2H 64:00)
Luke converts 12-6. Game on for the last 15 minutes. (2H 65:20)
Walker smashed by Nabuli and gets up very slowly. Hobbles back into the centres with a leg injury. Trainer with him. (2H 66:26)
Widdop kicks to the corner and Johnston gathers under some pressure. Smart kick from Widdop, keeping the Bunnies down their end. (2H 67:40)
Keary returns the favour and kicks left, finding touch 20m out from the Dragons line. Dragons scrum. (2H 68:21)
Short kick from Keary on the half way for Johnston is picked up by Frizzell and sprints away. Great pace from the big man. And Rein drops the ball at dummy half. (2H 70:26)
Johnston smashed by Shannon Wakeman. Cop that. (2H 71:30)
Nabuli jumps high and defuses another bomb. He is having a great game. (2H 71:50)
Marshall to the bench. Interesting taking Marshall off with 7 minutes to go with South right in it. He has been best on field for mine. (2H 72:31)
Luke darts out from dummy half and runs 15 meters before hitting Reddy. He runs another 15 meters but is bundled into touch by Nabuli. (2H 73:34)
Dragons turn it over to the Bunnies 40ms out from Dragons line. Luke looking very dangerous. (2H 74:41)
Luke out of dummy half, face ball to Grevsmuhl who scores next to the posts 12-10. Great pass from Luke. (2H 75:25)
Luke converts 12-12. (2H 76:12)
Souths coming home with a wet sail here. (2H 76:20)
Keary goes for a 40-20 attempt on the 3rd tackle. Smart thinking and just missed it by a meter. (2H 76:42)
Centre field kick gather by Johnston who picks up around his ankles and runs 15 meters. (2H 78:06)
Line ball call of forward pass out of dummy half against Souths from the touch judge. Bad call, wasn’t forward. Dragons feed 20ms out with a minute to go. (2H 78:44)
Dragons drop it, Reddy away and into the 30. (2H 79:16)
Now Souths drop it thorugh Turner. Wow, they could have won it Souths but its up to the Dragons now. 75ms to go. (2H 79:34)
Dragons grubber to there wingers but Farrell drops it and it’s a draw! Great game. (2H 80:00)


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