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Blog log from R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Sydney vs Cronulla

Blog log for Sydney vs Cronulla, R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Langi spills the first kickoff over the backline. (Pre Game)
A couple of knock ons in defence by the Roosters gives the Sharks a long period of possession in the last 20, eventually Leutele breaks a tackle and scores on the left. (1H 02:24)
Langi drops the next kick off over the backline as well! (1H 03:29)
From the very next play, the Sharks go right side where Ayshford gives to Bird for an easy try. (1H 04:28)
MacDonald runs on last tackle on the left wing, tries a grubber under a tackle but it goes dead over the sideline. (1H 06:12)
Taukeiaho has not much on 5m out from the line with four defenders looking at him, but he fends one, beats two others and reaches out to score! (1H 08:23)
The Sharks complete a flowing crossfield move from left to right, ending with a Bird give outside to Sauiluma for a pretty try. (2H 09:30)
Bird feeds Houma who almost loses it on the right side, gets tackled by two but manages to hold on long enough to ground it for a try. (2H 12:47)
Langi reaches out after dodging a couple and scores near the goalposts. (2H 13:48)
Williams passes wide on the right to Hastings who is in a lot of space and can waltz in for the try. (2H 15:40)


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