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Blog log from R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Brisbane vs Cronulla

Blog log for Brisbane vs Cronulla, R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Holmes dummies a pass then gives to Ayshford for a score on the left side. Then converts the kick! (1H 01:13)
Eden makes a big run up the middle beating three SHarks, but the Broncos knock on 10m out on the opposite side. (1H 02:13)
Ayshford scores again after breaking a rather weak Milford tackle on the left side, and has time to score under the posts for a bonus point. (1H 04:04)
Ofahengaue knocks on just ahead of midfield, this is a poor start from the Broncos. (1H 05:04)
Murphy puts a grubbing kick through from 25m to the right wing, it bounces up nicely for Sailuma to gather and score a third Sharks try. (1H 06:16)
Bird is the latest Shark to score, it’s one way traffic by this stage. Junk time league? (1H 09:00)
Nikorima sends a lovely kick to the right edge where Maranta avoids the sideline to catch and score. (2H 10:01)
Oh, no he doesn’t! Ruled out. (2H 10:01)
Sailuma scores again with a short side attack started by Heighington, his second of the game. (2H 11:29)
Holmes feeds Bird on the right wing to run around the hopeless Broncos defence yet again for his second try. It’s a destroyation. (2H 14:35)
Gavet draws two and feeds Richards on the bounce to get a consolation try on the left wing. (2H 15:22)


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