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Blog log from R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Canberra vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Canberra vs Gold Coast, R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Loa feeds Hoffman to score near the goalposts, a try set up by Zillman. (1H 01:16)
Waqa carves through the Titans line as if it isn’t even there on the right side, fending off Moseley and scoring easily from midfield. (1H 02:35)
Taylor is dragged over the sideline at midfield. (1H 03:14)
The Titans stiffen up to prevent a try after good lead up work by Cornish. (1H 03:44)
Gordon has a gallop down the right sideline, gets corralled and bounces an intelligent kick across his boot, Roberts is there to gather in space and score the bonus point try. (1H 05:05)
Waqa dives for the left corner but just fails to touch down before losing control while doing a faceplant. (1H 06:31)
Roberts gets the ball 15m out with two Raiders right in front of him, he jinks and scoots around the outside to score an impressive try on the right side. (1H 08:00)
A kick from midfield, Hazard chases and gets there ahead of two Raiders. (2H 11:29)
Kennedy defuses a Mortimer grubber and walks over the backline. (2H 12:46)
Elgey sends a cut out pass to the left wing that looked forward, Faifai Loa runs around and scores near the goalposts. (2H 13:41)
Kennedy sends a grubber towards the middle from 20m, Cornish is there first to gather and score a bonus point try. (2H 14:51)
Croker kicks a loose ball dead from the in goal just before Don reaches out to tap it down. (2H 15:51)
Mortimer passes to Elgey who has a hole to run through on the right, he has enough time to straighten to make it a bonus point try. (2H 16:44)
A Raider spill in midfield sets up Hoffman for a run down the left where he broke two tackles from behind to score again. (2H 17:31)


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