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Blog log from R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Sydney vs Canterbury

Blog log for Sydney vs Canterbury, R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Manu is held up by two Bulldogs with a couple of tackles left, on the next play a try to Langi is disallowed for offside. (1H 04:04)
Stapleton catches a crossfield kick 5m out from his line but is immediately tackled over the right sideline. (1H 05:19)
Aubusson makes an impressive run down the right wing, next play it’s Langi who backs over the try line under a tackle on the left side. (1H 08:41)
Mbye makes a weaving run on the right wing and causes enough confusion in the defence to draw two to him, his offload makes it very easy for Lane to score the try. (2H 11:32)
Elliott fends off Graham on the left wing one-on-one, and has an open field to run down the sideline and score on the gallop. (2H 13:41)
Williams drops a Langi pass 30m out from the line. From the resultant set, Cook runs around the left wing defence for a fine try! (2H 15:44)
Oh, the referee disallowed it for incorrect grounding. (2H 16:48)
Ese’ese knocks on to kill off hope of a late go-ahead score from Canterbury. (2H 17:18)


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