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Blog log from R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines: North Qld vs South Sydney

Blog log for North Qld vs South Sydney, R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Grevsmuhl picks up from dummy half a few metres out on the left and has three tacklers, they attempt to hold him up… ref pays the try! (1H 02:09)
Feldt sends a kick to the left wing, Cooper gathers and scores under a double tackle. (1H 04:18)
Lui does a bit of goose stepping on the right wing, draws a defender and gives to O’Neill who runs around the sideline for another Cowboy try. (1H 05:27)
McInnes fluffs a Morgan kick in the in goal, line drop out for the Cowboys results. From the next set, O’Neill scores again, same place. (1H 06:39)
Another Morgan kick to the in goal, another fumble by a Rabbitoh, this time Tyrrell. (1H 07:43)
Cooper sees half a hole and goes for it, but spills the pill 5m out from the line under a tackle. (1H 08:39)
Santo is caught in goal to force a line drop out. (2H 09:34)
Burgess uses his strength to barge his way over for a bonus point try despite three Cowboy tacklers. (2H 11:31)
Reynolds sends a high kick to the right corner, Santo fumbles but manages to tap it dead before the cavalry arrives. (2H 14:49)
King goes over the line standing up on the left side after a little give by Gray. (2H 15:38)
Penalty against Burgess for holding in midfield, the Cowboys press, Morgan is stopped then Lui tries a chip… Reynolds catches it, game over. (2H 17:34)


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