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Blog log from R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Melbourne vs Penrith

Blog log for Melbourne vs Penrith, R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Tonumaipea is the first player to a long kick by Mann down the right wing, he opens the scoring. (1H 01:06)
Koroibete gets a pass on the left wing with three Panthers looking at him in a bunch, he turns on the afterburners and sears past them on the outside for the try! (1H 02:39)
Storm scores again with an easy cross by Chambers running from dummy half 10m out, not much defence on that one. (1H 04:03)
Munster tries a chip from the left wing but it’s easily defused in the in goal. (1H 06:03)
Sopoaga gives to Jay on the right wing, he burns past Munster to score easily. (1H 06:03)
Tonumaipea knocks on 40m from his own line, but on the next set Sopoaga is caught on the final tackle 5m from the line for a handover. (1H 08:11)
Tonumaipea builds on good work in the centres by Welch to run away from three Panthers and score on the right side. (2H 12:15)
Not much action in the last 20 for either side at the end of this one, it has devolved a bit as both sides have tired. (2H 16:06)
Crichton gathers a kick in defence to prevent a late Storm score just before full time. (2H 18:00)


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