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Blog log from R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Gold Coast vs New Zealand

Blog log for Gold Coast vs New Zealand, R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Mortimer kicks out on the full in midfield, under pressure from the home New Zealand crowd baying for blood. (1st Half)
Lolohea tries a grubber on last tackle 5m out but the defences comes out, he taps it over but a teammate gathers so it’s a knock on. (1st Half)
The Warriors pile on the attack, Matagi eventually sets up Thompson to score on the right side. (1st Half)
Johnson’s restart kick goes out on the full, the Titans throw it across field where Hoffman has space on the left wing to run around and score untouched. (1st Half)
Kata jinks his way through the overworked Titans defence in the middle, manages to keep his feet after an ankle tap and scores under the posts! (1H 09:00)
The crowd reaction to the Warriors is carrying them in this game, some of the best play in the tournament so far. (Half Time)
Moseley grubbers past the Warriors defence from 20m, toepokes it along and gets tackled without the ball for his trouble, but Sezer comes through and scores anyway. (2H 10:56)
Mortimer dithers in midfield as the Warriors’ line closes in, and his offload goes straight to the opposition. (2H 12:43)
Kata fumbles a pass 10m out from the line. (2H 13:28)
Johnson chips over the top from 15m out, but Zillman is there to tap it over the backline. (2H 15:00)
Lolohea makes good on another period of Warrior attack by breaking a double tackle and scoring on the right side. (2H 16:08)
Roberts tries his luck down the right wing with high pace, but there are two Warriors there to bundle him over the sideline. (2H 17:39)


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