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Blog log from R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Melbourne vs North Qld

Blog log for Melbourne vs North Qld, R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines

O’Neill catches a big Lui bomb to the right wing and kicks off the scoring with a try. Lui converts the try from the sideline. (1st Half)
Lui tries the same trick but the ball bounces awkwardly and over the sideline. (1st Half)
Correction, it was Wright with the previous conversion. (1st Half)
Asofa-Solomona knocks forward in midfield to add to the pressure on the Storm. (1st Half)
Chambers prevents a try by forcing a turnover near his own line after it takes three to take Taumalolo down. (1st Half)
The Cowboys get consecutive sets in the Storm half, and it eventually pays off with Lowe scoring under the posts with an assist offload from Morgan. (1st Half)
The Storm picked a controversially inexperienced side for the 9s, and it’s showing as the Cowboys are walking all over them. (Half Time)
Munster draws two defenders on the left wing and offloads to Mann who runs around and scores without being touched. Munster’s conversion hits the post. (2nd Half)
Lui breaks the line up the middle past Asofa-Solomona and offloads, a desperate tackle that lingers too long draws a yellow card for the Storm. (2nd Half)
Moga draws the defenders on the right wing and passes to Wright who scores in an acre of space. Wright just fails to convert from the sideline. (2nd Half)
Hampton it was who was sin binned for three minutes. (2nd Half)
Koroibete hits the line hard with a run up the middle but hits the post and bounces back, eventually the Storm go wide and Hunt scores. (2nd Half)
Moga drops a pass to stop an attack just before the final hooter. (2nd Half)


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