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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Canterbury v Parramatta

Bulldogs pull away from injured Eels

Welcome to Friday Night Football with a blockbuster between traditional rivals the Bulldogs and the Eels. (Pre-match)
Bulldogs have no changes to the 17 named on Tuesday. Eels have just one change, Danny Wicks comes into the side with the suspension of Junior Paulo. (Pre-match)
Weather is overcast here in Sydney, with light rain falling on and off during the afternoon. (Pre-match)
Kick off running behind schedule. Teams still yet to even take the field. (Pre-match)
Teams finally coming onto the ground now. (Pre-match)
Dogs to kick off… and we are underway! (Pre-match)
Solid first set from the Eels as they almost get a 40/20. Dogs regain possession 15m out
penalty Dogs… Eels offside. Kick takes them onto the attack 45m out
Great bomb from the Dogs but they knock on and the Eels start their set 10m from their line. (1H 1:02)
Eels knock-on on their 4th tackle and the Dogs start their set 10m inside their half. (1H 2:07)
Now the ball spills from Lichaa as he tries to pass but goes back and the Eels are ruled to have knocked on. Scrum 25m out. (1H 2:56)
Penalty Dogs 20m out right in front. They tap and play on. (1H 3:48)
Another penalty Dogs. This time they start 10m out. Eels under pressure. (1H 3:48)
Lichaa drops it over the line but another penalty to the Dogs. Eels offside. (1H 5:12)
Williams forces a drop out through a clever grubber on the last. Dogs will get the ball back, Eels under the pump early on. (1H 6:05)
Great defense Eels but they somehow managed to knock it on in a scramble on the last and the Dogs will get the ball back again! Scrum 10m out (1H 7:16)
Eels knock it down again and the Dogs get another scrum. Eels defense is outstanding (1H 7:16)
TRY Bulldogs. Curtis Rona scores in the corner. 4-0 (1H 7:16)
Mbye cuts out a couple and Rona scores in the left hand corner. Had to come. Dogs had seven or eight sets in a row at the Eels there. Great start from the Bulldogs. (1H 10:14)
Hodkinson just misses to the right from the corner and the score remains 4-0 (1H 11:16)
Great set from the Dogs from the restart and Eels start their set 20m out from their line. Dogs have completed 11 out of 11 sets! (1H 13:30)
Eels complete and Dogs start their set 25m out (1H 13:30)
James Graham seems to be everywhere early on (1H 13:30)
Another complettion from the Dogs from the restart and Eels start their set 20m out from their line (1H 14:14)
Penalty Eels. Eels on the attack 30m out (1H 14:14)
Watmough knocks on a crash ball at the try line and Dogs scrum feed 10m out from their line. (1H 15:12)
Solid set from the Dogs and they complete again. Eels start 30m out from their line. (1H 15:51)
Semi Radradra smashes Lafai… great hit! (1H 18:35)
Watmough going off the field with an injured knee! (1H 18:35)
40/20 Bulldogs! (1H 19:09)
Dogs on the attack 10m out (1H 19:09)
TRY Bulldogs. Brett Morris goes in the right hand hand corner but runs it around to get a better position! Poor defence Eels, Morris just strolled through. 8-0 kick to come. (1H 19:47)
Hodkinson misses and it remains 8-0 (1H 20:33)
Eastwood knocks on just inside his half and the Eels scrum feed on half way (1H 20:33)
Watmough’s knee is ok. It is a bad gash and he will be back out shortly. (1H 22:06)
Norman forces a drop out. Great grubber from Norman and it was only a smart play from B Morris that stopped a try. (1H 23:13)
De Gois on and the Eels play the ball has speed up straight away. (1H 24:26)
Sandow looks to have injured his knee but he is back up to his feet. He is coming off! (1H 25:27)
Both teams swap sets. BMorris makes a great run to get his team out of the in goal. (1H 26:45)
Kasiano is on and on his first touch he drops the ball. Eels scrum feed 40m out from their own line. (1H 27:43)
Six more tackles Eels. 10m out from the Dogs line. (1H 28:16)
Eels power game looks great but they are lack finesse in attack. Ball goes to ground and Dogs back in possession. (1H 29:38)
Kasiano’s pass is knocked on by BMorris and the Eels are back on the attack. (1H 30:18)
Another great kick from Norman and the ball is knocked in the in goal by the Bulldogs. Drop out Dogs. (1H 31:08)
Wicks is carrying the ball strongly in his return from the game after 5 years out. (1H 31:08)
Penalty Eels after another strong run from Wicks (1H 31:48)
Eels on the attack 10m out from the Dogs line (1H 31:48)
Semi has scored in the corner. Goes upstairs as a try but they will check the obstruction. (1H 32:44)
TRY Eels Semi in the left hand corner but it was all Norman with a great pass under pressure. 8-4 kick to come (1H 33:58)
Kick missed by Robinson and it remains 8-4. Norman has been the Eels standout in this half, especially since Sandow has left the field. (1H 34:18)
News from the bench is it is an ankle injury to Sandow and he may be back in the second half. (1H 34:23)
Great play by the Eels. Ma’u gets half way through a hole and throws a lovely round the corner pass to Takairangi who finds Semi. great tackle from Jackson puts him into touch 30m out (1H 36:10)
Exciting play by the Eels and you can feel the momentum shifting. (1H 36:10)
Great play from the Dogs. Mbye kicks to the in goal and a try is only just saved by a flying Hopoate. (1H 38:14)
Semi Radradra now leaving the field in a medicab huge blow to the Eels. (1H 38:52)
Looks like a right leg injury which he picked up when bundled into touch by Jackson (Half Time)
Penalty Dogs late in the half. Kick takes them to half way. (Half Time)
Pass through the backline goes forward and that’s half time. Great game so far but the Eels are carrying alot of injuries going into the second half. (Half Time)
Bulldogs have had 59% possession and completed 18/21. Eels have only completed 11/17 and have had to do a lot of defence. (Half Time)
Eels have made 164 tackles compared to the Dogs with only 128. (Half Time)
Teams back out on the field. Sandow and Radradra are not out there. (Half Time)
Semi has a big ice pack over his right knee. (Half Time)
Sandow has had an injection for his left ankle and he will be back out soon. (2H 40:00)
Eels kick off and the Dogs have been forced into touch 1m out from his line! WOW! Danny Wicks with a big hit on Kasiano (2H 40:00)
Eels scrum 10m out and right on the attack (2H 40:00)
Wicks held up in goal (2H 40:00)
TRY Eels. Mau has scored 7m in from the left hand touchline. Great try! (2H 40:18)
8-8 kick to come. (2H 40:18)
Another lovely ball from Norman to Ma’u who hit the hole beautifully and was just too strong. (2H 41:44)
Robinson misses again (hit the upright) and it remains 8-8. (2H 41:44)
Great offload from Hopoate and the Eels are inside the Dogs 10m (2H 41:44)
Ma’u again! Scores of a Norman kick but the ref has sent it upstairs as a try! (2H 41:44)
TRY Eels. Ma’u scores of a beautiful Norman kick. Dogs messed it up at the back and it is 12-8. kick to come in about the same spot as the last try. (2H 43:47)
Robinson misses again and it is 12-8. Norman really running right to the line before making a play and he is having a blinder. (2H 44:04)
Eels complete but Norman’s kick goes dead in goal and Dogs start 20m out from the tap. (2H 44:04)
Great ball from Mbye puts Perrett into space but he is but into touch 30m out from the Eels line. Ma’u again but four eels in the tackle. They have lifted! (2H 46:30)
Ball come loose from Joseph Paulo but refs call Dogs knock on. Looks like a good call, JMorris got a touch. (2H 46:51)
Eels force a loose pass and the Dogs clean it up about 45m out from their line. Now Dogs get a penalty. On the attack 25m out. (2H 47:58)
TRY Bulldogs. great play from Lafai who ran across field and drew two, and threw a beautiful inside ball to Perrett who crosses about 5m inside the right corner. (2H 48:59)
12-12 kick to come as Sandow comes back for the Eels. (2H 49:32)
Hodkinson converts and it is 14-12 Dogs (2H 49:32)
Moeroa noticeably carrying his shoulder. Another injury drama for the Eels but he is bravely staying out their. (2H 50:37)
*there (2H 50:37)
Dogs complete and Eels start 10m out from their line. Momentum shifting back to the Dogs (2H 50:37)
Eels complete but Dogs have the ball 40m out from their line after a great set of defence forced Norman to kick just 20m out from his line. (2H 52:58)
Looks like Perrett has scored. Ref has sent it upstairs as a try. (2H 53:36)
TRY Bulldogs. Perrett scores after a scrambling play with two kicks. Eastwood puts in a grubber after Dogs regain the bomb, Eels mess it up and Perrett is in under the posts. (2H 54:33)
18-12 kick to come from right in front. (2H 55:10)
No dramas and it is 20-12 Dogs (2H 55:10)
Dogs complete their set. Eels start their set 15m out from their own line. Dogs looking strong. (2H 55:18)
Penalty Dogs. Hopoate competing for the ball but BMorris goes flying in the air and comes down akwardly. No way it was a penalty and the Dogs don’t find touch! (2H 57:50)
Eels on the attack 35m out (2H 57:50)
Penalty Eels. Williams held down Champion too long in the tackle. Eels 10m out. (2H 58:15)
Takairangi taken into touch. Great defence Dogs. (2H 58:15)
Dogs complete. Eels start 30m out from their own line. (2H 60:07)
Eels complete and the Dogs start their set 20m out. Eels forwards really rolling up the field in attack. (2H 61:43)
Dogs complete and Eels start 15m out. Real arm wrestle in this period. Game still very quick. (2H 62:54)
And Norman slows it down with a touch finder. Dogs scrum 25m out from their own line. (2H 63:39)
Williams makes a big break as he tramples the Eels defensive line. Dogs 15m out (2H 64:13)
Dogs complete meekly and the Eels start 10m out. (2H 64:13)
* from their own line (2H 64:13)
Sandow has a brain explosion and chip and chases inside his own 20m. Poorly executed and Dogs have the ball 30m out. (2H 64:59)
Dogs score here and it will be tough for the Eels to come back. (2H 66:09)
Dogs force a drop out through Mbye. Sandow kicks it 70m and makes up for his last play. (2H 66:09)
Another strong run from Williams as he targets Sandow in defence (2H 67:09)
Dogs knock-on on the last and Eels survive. Start their set 10m out. (2H 67:58)
Eels knock on by Takairangi after he couldn’t handle a lovely inside ball from Norman. (2H 67:58)
Moeroa finally comes off with the shoulder injury. Brave effort from the young man. (2H 69:13)
High tackle from Norman on Perrett right on the Eels try line. Dogs on the attack 10m out. (2H 70:13)
Dogs knock on and Eels survive again. Great defence but have they got the energy to go 90m? (2H 70:13)
Another strong run from Wicks. He has been fantastic on his return to the NRL. (2H 71:01)
Lussick knocks on and the Dogs will be a scrum feed 30m out from the Eels line. Back on the attack. (2H 71:27)
TRY BMorris. Under the sticks after a wonderful short ball from Graham close to the line. 24-10 kick to come and Hodkinson won’t miss from here. (2H 72:23)
Dogs have wrapped it up now, but it has been a brave effort from the injury plagued Eels. Hodkinson slots it. 26-10 Dogs (2H 73:57)
Champion now hurts himself and is down in a lot of pain. Right knee. (2H 74:36)
Back to his feet and back in the line. Looked like knee on knee and probably a nasty cork. (2H 76:46)
Dogs penalty and back on the attack 35m out from the Eels line. (2H 77:07)
Champion down again. (2H 77:07)
Rona in the corner and the ref sends this upstairs. Champion down and left a hole in the defence. (2H 77:24)
TRY Bulldogs. The Rona try is awarded and it’s 30-12. Hodkinson to kick from the left hand corner. (2H 78:19)
Straight over the black dot and it’s 32-12 Dogs. Minute to go. (2H 78:19)
Champion helps off by the trainers. Dogs complete and Hodkinson finds touch 5m out from the Eels line. Eels scrum 10m out from their own line. (2H 79:30)
Fulltime. Dogs 32-12. Great game but the injuries to the Parramatta Eels were too much for them to overcome. Don’t take anything away from the Dogs though, they were great. (2H 80:00)
High quality game of football. Dogs dominated possession and field position, and there completion rate was fair superior to the Eels. Hope you enjoyed the game. Goodnight (Full Time)


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