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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Cronulla v Brisbane

Brisbane grinds it out over Sharks in R2

Good evening all and welcome to Remondis Stadium for tonight’s game. The winning team will look get their season under way, while the loser walks away with a 0 and 2 record for 2015 (Pre-match)
A few late changes to the teams. For the Sharks Valentine Holmes comes in for Mitch Brown in jersey 18 (Pre-match)
For Broncos Corey Oates also in jersey 18 comes in for Dale Copley on the wing who has injured his calf (Pre-match)
Broncos bench has been revamped from last week with 4 new faces including 2 x rookies in the way of Jo Ofahengaue and Kodi Nikorima (Pre-match)
Sharks have an unchanged team apart from Holmes (Pre-match)
Some interesting questions about tonight’s game; How many minutes will Parker get? Will Fifita get his offload going? Can Milford find something in attack?? All will be answered very soon (Pre-match)
Teams making their way onto the field. Broncos to kick off (Pre-match)
2 hit ups in the first set for A Fifita (Pre-match)
Kahn takes an early high ball as Broncs make their way out of their territory (Pre-match)
Milford puts up a high bomb which is allowed to bounce and finds touch. Sharks ball 20 odd out from their line (1H 0:22)
Gallen’s offload finds the turf but is cleaned up by Fifita (1H 1:36)
Sharks get the kick away and Broncos work it out from their line (1H 1:36)
Hunt’s kick easily taken from Gordon who returns it with ease (1H 2:18)
Another strong run from Fifita (1H 2:18)
49m gain before the Sharks kick taken again by Kahu under some pressure and beats one on his return (1H 3:22)
Maranta found some space on the right but lost the ball in the tackle. First mistake Broncs. Sharks scrum 20m out (1H 4:19)
Bukuya losses the ball trying to move the ball quickly and Broncs get the ball 0 tackle (1H 4:24)
Alex Glenn losses the ball in the play the ball. Not acceptable for a first grade footballer! (1H 4:24)
Great kick by Graham resulted in Maranta being trapped in goal. Drop out Broncos. Smart play by Graham with a well weighted kick (1H 4:24)
Penalty vs Mccullough for interference in the play ball. Looked a very soft call on replay. Sharks take the tap (1H 4:24)
Beale held up by 4 over the line (1H 4:24)
Penalty vs Hodges for lifting tackle. Sharks take the tap for the 3rd set in a row (1H 4:24)
Barba bombs a try on the left by holding onto it (1H 4:24)
Penatly Broncos vs Gordon for being in front of the kicker. Let off for the Broncos (1H 4:24)
McCullough kick finds touch on 10m line (1H 4:24)
Forward pass by Gallen and Broncs have the scrum in prime attacking position 25m out (1H 4:24)
Great offload by Milford allow Broncs to make great metres up the middle (1H 4:24)
Parker throws a cut out which finds the turf and is knocked on by Oates, poor pass by Hodges. Sharks ball. Hodges attacking on the L hand side. Starting on R (1H 4:24)
Parker off and Thaiday on (1H 4:24)
Both teams exchange sets of six. Broncos putting up a chip which again is allowed to bounce but again finds touch (1H 4:24)
Penalty vs Gillett for not rolling away. Sharks touch finder takes them 40m from Broncs tryline (1H 4:24)
Enterprising run from Barba but eventually taken and then Sharks lose the ball (1H 4:24)
Time stopped as Heighington on the ground. Gets up gingerly but remains on the field. Marginal late tackle vs McGuire who is cleared by the replay (1H 4:35)
Penalty vs Sharks for high tackle. Broncs find touch just before halfway line (1H 4:35)
Milford losses the ball hot on attack. Pass slightly behind him by Hunt but he definitely had a look! (1H 5:03)
Great run Fifita (1H 6:12)
Gordon kick goes dead and Broncs restart at 20m (1H 6:12)
Sharks forced to kick the ball dead after the initial kick by Hunt was regathered and Hodges put in another kick into the in goals. Good play Broncs (1H 8:09)
A Fifita off with D Fifita on (1H 8:09)
Penalty vs Ennis for hand on the ball. Broncs ball 15m out. Parker back on (1H 8:09)
Wallace also on for Broncs (1H 8:09)
Kahu comes within millimetres of the line (1H 8:41)
Broncs grubber almost knocked on but some how he manages to hang onto it! Then Broncs give away a penalty. Great defence by Sharks as Broncs unable to penetrate the line (1H 10:30)
Great break by Leutele who got on the outside of Hodges but the inside pass is taken by Maranta. Kahu cops an accidental knee during the play but remains on the field (1H 11:57)
Broncs ball as they work it (1H 12:29)
Valentine Holmes drops the ball in the play the ball. Coach killer as Broncs are gifted great field position 20m out (1H 12:29)
Penalty vs Tupou for strip on Milford (1H 12:29)
Broncs take the tap (1H 12:29)
Kahu comes very close AGAIN (1H 12:29)
Ineffective kick by Hunt is collected by Sharks (1H 12:29)
D Fifita losses it and Broncs get more ball in Sharks territory (1H 12:29)
? TRY Reed (1H 12:29)
Broncos had to turn this pressure into points and finally found space down the right side but refs looking at obstruction on Barba by Glenn (1H 12:29)
no try (1H 12:29)
Penalty Sharks and replays show Glenn pushed Barba and cost his team a try (1H 12:29)
Ennis limping off the field! Robson at dummy half for now. No cover on the bench (1H 12:29)
Try saving try by Wallace. Subsequent kick results in drop out. Good play Sharks (1H 12:29)
Gordon comes very close but just tackled short (1H 12:29)
Kick from Barba was a shocker, went backwards, and Hodges collects (1H 12:29)
Hunts grubber kick goes into the back of Robson who didn’t play at it before the ball finds touch. Sharks feed on half way (1H 12:29)
Penalty vs Wallace for lifting and Sharks want some points and opting for the shot at goal 40m out in front of the sticks (1H 35:00)
No mistake by Gordon. Sharks lead 2 nil (1H 36:00)
Fantastic run by D Fifita on kick return….reminiscent of his brother (1H 36:00)
Graham kick finds touch for the final touch of the game and thats HALF TIME (1H 36:00)
Overall a very uninspiring half of footy with NO TRIES! Broncos had the best chance with Reed’s try being disallowed due to obstruction. Sharks came close a couple of times and held up once (1H 36:00)
Both attacks are looking laboured in a game plagued by handling errors. Maybe the late kick off has caused excess dew? (1H 36:00)
No real statistical stand outs. McCullough leading the tackle count with 24, Beale has the most runs with 10, Leutele has the sole line break of the night and Gallen tops the offloads with 2 (1H 36:00)
Ennis not on for second half but half time report wee positive. He has injured his L knee (Half Time)
Early offload by Parker (Half Time)
Promising run by Nikorima but is caught with it on the last. Handover to Sharks (Half Time)
Sharks kick goes dead (Half Time)
Kahu makes a meal of the play the ball and gives away a scrum 30m out (Half Time)
Ennis back on the field (Half Time)
Graham puts it on the toe but is taken by Hodges (Half Time)
Jack Reed now makes a meal of the play the ball but Gallen penalised for interfering (Half Time)
Reed put through a lovely hole by Hunt but drops it over the line. Oats puts it down over the line and ref gives it a TRY (Half Time)
Ref going upstairs (Half Time)
Looks to have gone back but not clear. Will be a coin flip (Half Time)
TRY Corey Oates to the disgust of the crowd (Half Time)
Was a good line by Reed and lovely pass by Hunt. Conversion is about 5m in from L sideline (Half Time)
Parker CONVERTS. Broncs 6 – 2 (Half Time)
Nice dart from Nikorima from dummy half (Half Time)
Sharks let the ball bounce again and ball goes dead (Half Time)
Strong attacking play down left by Sharks which was started by fast Fifita play the ball (Half Time)
Brisbane looked short in defence but somehow they escape as Parker fields the Robson grubber (Half Time)
Broncos work the ball out well and Gordon takes the Hunt bomb (Half Time)
Fifita with a great run and offloads TO PARKER. Turnover to Broncos (Half Time)
Hunt puts up a bomb to the left in goal and Reed knocks on. Sharks ball. Kick a tad deep by Hunt (2H 46:00)
Jo-O is on the field for Broncs (2H 46:00)
Broncos retain possession but then give it away as Milford drops it in a strong tackle (2H 46:00)
Sharks have it 10m out (2H 46:00)
Penalty sharks. Who take the kick tap through Fifita (2H 46:00)
Another penalty to Sharks for interference in the play the ball (2H 46:00)
Sharks go right through Beale but 4 Bronco’s player herd him over the sideline with great defence and Broncos are off the hook (2H 46:00)
Cheap penalty vs A.Fifita and Broncos get a piggy back to halfway (2H 46:00)
Milford makes a half break but the last pass inside is collected by Sharks (2H 46:00)
Barba’s kick is shallow and is projected back of Kahu’s shoulder and Broncos retain possession (2H 46:00)
Penalty vs Jo-O for another play the ball infringement (2H 46:00)
Graham cut down in a promising inside ball by Graham (2H 46:00)
Next play sees the grubber go dead (2H 46:00)
? TRY Maranta (2H 46:00)
Hunt puts in a kick from about 40m out. Strong chase by Broncos see 4 players surround Feki who losses the ball in the Thaiday tackle. Was a solid tackle by Thaiday and it looks like it will be a try (2H 46:00)
TRY Maranta (2H 46:00)
Great chase by Broncos which ended in a very fortunate try (2H 46:00)
Hunt conversion attempt hits the post and it’s 10 – 2 (2H 46:00)
Forward pass out of dummy half and Broncos give it away deep in own territory (2H 46:00)
Barba monstered in a strong tackle and is forced back 10m (2H 46:00)
A Fifita knocks on and Broncos retain possession (2H 46:00)
Hodges making easy metres out of dummy half and Sharks look dejected (2H 46:00)
Holmes makes a strong run on the kick return. Slow to return to his feet with what looks like cramp. Stays on the field (2H 46:00)
McCullough gives away a penalty on the 5th tackle (2H 46:00)
Blair leaving the field with a head knock (2H 46:00)
Strong defence by Hodges 1 on 1 with Gordon (2H 64:00)
Beale feathers a grubber in goal and Broncos trapped in goal. Drop out Broncos (2H 64:00)
Sharks very lateral in attack and don’t appear to be threatening the line (2H 64:00)
Sharks peppering the try line which results in another drop out by Broncos (2H 64:00)
If Broncos can hold out the Sharks again I can’t see Sharks scoring in this game (2H 64:00)
Buckeye breaks through the line but is taken by a great try saver by Kahu. GREAT TACKLE (2H 64:00)
Sharks lose the ball in subsequent play and Broncos survive (2H 64:00)
Hunt puts up a towering bomb on the last and is taken by Holmes. Chances are running out form Sharks and they will have to come close this set (2H 64:00)
Ennis darts from dummy half and puts in a chip which is regathered by Sharks (2H 72:00)
Next play is interfered with by Broncos and Sharks get a penalty 10m out (2H 72:00)
Ennis trys to thread it in goals but it is collected by Kahu and Sharks can’t manage to covert field position and pressure into points (2H 72:00)
Rain falling at the Stadium (2H 72:00)
Fifita losses the ball again with a loose offload (2H 72:00)
Broncos attack results in a tap on by Hodges which finds the touch line (2H 72:00)
Kahu again takes the high ball well (2H 72:00)
McCullough kicks it out 5m from the Sharks line as the game starts to wind down (2H 72:00)
Barba’s chip infield is ineffective and Broncos will get the last set of 6 (2H 72:00)
and that is the GAME. Broncos win 10 -2 (2H 72:00)
Brisbane are too good in a low quality game of rugby league (2H 72:00)
Only the 2 tries for the game, both to the Broncos (2H 72:00)
Broncos need to be commended for their defence with some great one on one efforts by the backs. Particularly the effort of Kahu on Bukuya which saved a certain try late in the second half (2H 72:00)
Sharks struggled in attack and will need to improve as they look to notch their first win of the season. Barba showed some promise but still not at his attacking best (Full Time)
Little else offered by Sharks. Gallen had a great work rate as always and A Fifita was let down by too many errors and loose offloads (Full Time)
Catch you all next time. Goodnight (Full Time)


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