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2015 Fanplanner to pick NRL Fantasy, NRL Dream Team and NRL Supercoach sides

Pick your 2015 fantasy squads using the all new Fanplanner

Fantasy coaches for NRL competitions have had it tough in the offseason. AFL coaches have been treated to gradual reveals of next year’s player prices and positions, and multiple options for delving into the databases to pick your own teams before the official competitions open. So far, all you’ve had is Excel spreadsheets or nothing at all (not to denigrate those of course, they have been great!).

Now, the Fanplanner is here to provide an easier and more accessible way to plan your campaign for the upcoming fantasy season. It has a database of contracted players and positions, along with prices projected from last season’s averages. It is not perfect – I am still tweaking the prices based on observation of the rules for pricing used in previous years, and valuations on English players in particular are always tricky – but I will be updating it as new information comes to hand.

The magic numbers I am using for the three competitions are:
NRL Fantasy: 7214 (salary cap of $6.2M)
NRL Supercoach: 4742 (salary cap of $5M)
NRL Dream Team: 8624 (salary cap of $6.3M)

These have been calculated rather simply by using last year’s MNs and multiplying them by the percentage change in 2014’s scoring totals over those in 2013. There are more factors involved, of course, but that’s a rough approximation that I am confident will be accurate enough for the purposes of the Fanplanner. Please let me know if I have any of these numbers wildly wrong. (It’s pretty hard to fit a decent team under the cap in some comps, just quietly!)

For those who don’t know me, my name is m0nty (Paul Montgomery), and I’m the creator of FanFooty, which does the Fanplanner and a whole lot more for AFL fantasy coaches, and is now ten years old. It’s just me here, I am independent and not accredited by any official sporting league, though I have amassed a small army of paid and unpaid enthusiasts to do liveblogging and help out in the forums. I will be doing the same for rugby league in 2015, and will be rolling out all the features of FanFooty to FanLeague in due course.

I hope to see you using the Fanplanner, checking out the player databases, reading the latest player news on Media Street and chatting about it all on the forums! And commenting on posts like these, naturally. 🙂


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