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FanLeague is hiring: livebloggers needed

Livebloggers needed… get paid to watch NRL!

FanFooty started just over ten years ago to cover the fantasy sports world, starting with the AFL. The network that began with FanFooty has moved into cricket with CricketFan this summer, and is now expanding into rugby league with FanLeague. The central function of all of these sites is to provide live fantasy scores and chat for players of official and unofficial fantasy competitions, with original journalism built in. That is where you might come in.

FanLeague is looking for livebloggers to report what happens in NRL matches in a professional manner, for a professional fee. Yes, you get paid to watch rugby league from your own home! The job requires sitting in front of a live TV feed (no Web streams) of an NRL game and not only doing the liveblogging you might be familiar with from mainstream outlets, but updating the pioneering icon-based live news system in real time with injuries, roles, form and other info that is vital to your audience.

This job would suit journalism students with a solid knowledge of league who need to pad their CVs and want to actually earn some money while doing so. This is not one of those rubbish internships where you work your guts out for nothing! Interested parties should email Paul Montgomery at m0nty(a)


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