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Blog log from R3 of 2015: Brisbane vs North Qld

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Qld, R3 of 2015

The Broncos host the Cowboys in the second Friday night game in the latest installment of one of the Queensland derbies. (Pre-match)
Plenty of questions to be answered tonight.
Will Lachlan Coote make a difference at the back for the Cowboys? (Pre-match)
How many hit ups will Adam ‘Care Bear’ Blair make? (Pre-match)
And will JT finish the game looking like he’s gone the distance with Apollo Creed again? (Pre-match)
The Brisbane Broncos have no changes and are 1-17 (Pre-match)
The Cowboys have Tautau Moga in for Matt Wright (Pre-match)
And in a change that could effect your fantasy team, James Tamou starts and Ben Hannant comes off the bench (Pre-match)
Also, Happy Birthday to Ethan Lowe who celebrates his 24th birthday (Pre-match)
The Broncos get us underway with the kick off (Pre-match)
Tamou takes the first hit up (Pre-match)
Coote completes the first set with a kick into touch after the Cowboys made 58 metres in the first set (1H 0:13)
Broncos complete their first set with a kick by Hunt and Coote cleans up well (1H 1:17)
Cowboys get a repeat set (1H 1:17)
Taumalolo with some great footwork crashes over (1H 1:55)
Refs are going upstairs (1H 1:55)
Video says no try, Broncos off the hook there (1H 2:55)
Broncos get some piggy back penalties, Moga holding on too long (1H 2:59)
Hunt with a dangerous run and Hunt is over for a try! (1H 4:45)
TRY Ben Hunt, Broncos with plenty of tackles on the Cowboys line, did well to beat a number of defenders and opens the Broncos account (1H 5:11)
Parker’s conversion successful 6-0 Broncos (1H 5:21)
Broncos try to be adventurous but come up with a mistake through Hodges on the follow up set (1H 6:41)
Moga is over for a try (1H 9:16)
Ref going up stairs after ruling no try (1H 9:35)
Thurston put the kick up on the last and Moga can’t get a result, no try (1H 9:35)
Blair has doubled his runs from last week. He has two! (1H 9:35)
Broncos get to their kick, Coote allows it to bounce but it’s safe (1H 9:35)
Cowboys spill the ball, Maranta picks up the ball and Brisbane are in good field position (1H 9:35)
TRY! Parker to McGuire and McGuire crashes over for a try (1H 9:35)
Cowboys showing little resistance in defence at the moment, Kostjayson falls off in defence there (1H 11:08)
Broncos convert through Parker, 12-0 Broncos (1H 12:53)
Cowboys get to their kick and now Kahu has come up with the mistake, this is what the Cowboys need (1H 14:10)
Good finish to an average set by North Queensland (1H 14:10)
TRY Michael Morgan runs off Thurston for an easy try (1H 15:04)
Worrying signs for both team, neither side showing a lot of resistance in defence. (1H 16:14)
Broncos have two tries and Cowboys have crossed three times and finally have their first four pointer (1H 16:14)
Thurston converts. 12-6 Broncos (1H 16:14)
Cowboys have been lifted by that try, Coote puts the ball to boot this time Kahu makes no mistake with the catch but has been hammered by the defenders (1H 17:48)
Wallace and Thaiday on the field for Brisbane (1H 19:02)
McCullough kicks from dummy half for Broncos to finish the set and now they’ve given away a penalty (1H 19:45)
Ben Hannant is into the action for the Cowboys (1H 20:36)
Cowboys put it through the hands out wide, Moga to O’Neill but O’Neill gets taken into touch. Oates solid in defence. (1H 20:36)
Hannant drops it cold, poor mistake (1H 22:36)
Hunt also drops it cold as well! (1H 22:36)
Cowboys go to the air, Maranta comes away with and makes a great run, before being wrapped up (1H 24:30)
Milford grubbers for Gillett, Cooper comes in for a push in the back, almost a penalty but the Ref rules he dropped it (1H 25:11)
Cowboys have made a mistake now, Feldt lets his team down, Broncos on the attack again (1H 25:11)
Hunt throws a long pass to Kahu onto Maranta and Maranta gets past Linnet for the try (1H 25:11)
TRY Maranta, great reward for his earlier run 16-6 Broncos (1H 26:03)
Parker misses the conversion, scores still 16-6 Broncos (1H 27:19)
Hodges dangerous run in Broncos set before they get to their kick, pinning the Cowboys in their own 20 (1H 29:32)
Thurston goes high with his kick but it goes dead in goal. Broncos back to the 20m. (1H 30:34)
Thurston hasn’t come in for any attention but are the Cowboys rattled here? (1H 30:34)
TRY! Thaiday to Milford, Milford to Glenn and Glenn finds Parker (1H 31:22)
Great ball from Milford to put Glenn into a hole and the veteran Parker is there to reap the benefits (1H 31:22)
Parker converts , 22-6 Broncos (1H 31:57)
Broncos get to their kick, Coote cleans up and is looking good in his return match at the back but has stayed down (1H 34:17)
Milford again dangerous in defence but gets cleaned up by Taumalolo (1H 35:20)
Same play by the Broncos and they’re over again! (1H 35:20)
TRY! Hunt throws the pass to Kahu who quickly passes to Maranta for another try (1H 36:07)
Great lead up work by Gillett in that too (1H 36:07)
Corey Parker from the sideline again and misses. 26-6 Broncos (1H 36:14)
Broncos are away again! Great hands (1H 38:46)
TRY McCullough. Corey Parker with three touches in one play, could have gone himself for the try but offloads to the hooker (1H 39:33)
Parker adds the extras this time. 32-6 Broncos and that’s half time (Half Time)
At half time, the Broncos are all over the Cowboys. (Half Time)
Plenty of missed tackles from the Cowboys. Taumololo and Scott the only players having any sort of effect (Half Time)
Plenty of stars for the Broncos, Parker, Maranta, Kahu, Hunt and Milford all looking really dangerous with the ball (Half Time)
Cowboys to kick off in the second half. Can they get back into this game or can the Broncos continue to run away with it? (2H 40:00)
Thaiday takes the first hit up off the kick off
(2H 40:00)
Hunt sends it down field, Feldt takes the catch (2H 40:16)
Thurston puts up a big kick and Coote regathers it, Cowboys on the attack and they’re over! (2H 41:12)
Quick hands from the Cowboys and the ref has sent it upstairs (2H 41:43)
Linnett puts Feldt over, referee checks the catch from Coote (2H 41:43)
TRY! All clear from upstairs and the Cowboys hit back first in the second half through Feldt (2H 41:43)
Thurston converts, 32-12 Broncos (2H 41:43)
Both teams follow up by completing their sets after the try (2H 44:04)
Arm wrestle between both teams at the moment (2H 45:20)
After making 3 runs in the first half, Blair is back on field (2H 45:20)
Play called to halt as Cooper has some blood that needs to be cleaned (2H 45:57)
Penalty to the Broncos, Cowboys holding down too long (2H 45:57)
Hunt links up with Milford, Milford again goes to Glenn, Broncos looking likely again (2H 46:52)
TRY! Hodges (2H 46:52)
Question on the pass, Cowboys players stopped and Hodges kept playing to the whistle and adds to the Broncos tally (2H 46:52)
Parker converts and it’s 38-12 to Brisbane (2H 46:52)
Broncos work out from their own half, Parker tries to offload, Hunt kicks (2H 47:35)
Cowboys spill it and Broncos are on the attack again (2H 47:35)
Broncos get a penalty, holding down the ruling, Cowboys are spent (2H 50:31)
Reed kills the play, Brisbane looking dangerous through Hunt again and then the play breaks down through Reed (2H 51:07)
Nikorima and Ofahengaue ON
Parker and McCullough OFF (2H 53:16)
The arm wrestle continues, both teams getting through their sets (2H 53:49)
Reed comes up with another clanger, looks to have taken Coote out as he tried to catch the ball (2H 54:48)
Ref blows time off. Touch judges reports states Reed was impeded by Moga (2H 54:48)
Penalty to Brisbane and they’re on the attack again (2H 54:48)
TRY! Kahu is over (2H 55:29)
Kahu has had the last hand in two tries and now he’s got a meat pie himself (2H 56:05)
Apologies, Parker is still on and kicks the conversion, 44-12 Broncos (2H 56:44)
Now the Cowboys get the penalty, another holding down penalty (2H 58:37)
Lowe charges forward (2H 58:37)
Lowe with another good run, beating several defenders (2H 59:10)
Cowboys 6 again after the ball gets knocked down (2H 59:10)
Broncos pinged for offside (2H 59:10)
Gavin Cooper gets hit by Corey Oates, Cooper is struggling after that one (2H 60:05)
Cowboys drop the ball and Kahu picks it up, Broncos on the attack again (2H 60:57)
Hodges comes off and McCullough back into the action (2H 60:57)
Hunt kicks from halfway to test Moga, but Moga takes the catch (2H 61:07)
Thurston kicks early down into the Broncos line and Maranta is met by some heavy defence (2H 61:07)
Broncos back into opposition half and Hunt goes high in the air and O’Neill spills it (2H 62:16)
Ofahengaue getting amongst it, Scott giving some heavy treatment (2H 63:40)
McCullough goes to the air, Reed goes up for it but it spills into touch. Ref rules it came off the Cowboys first, another set for the Broncos coming (2H 65:15)
Feldt cleans up a spilled ball from Hunt and runs the length of the field (2H 66:23)
TRY! Feldt (2H 66:23)
Feldt scores his second of the night. (2H 67:04)
Thurston converts. Broncos 44-18 (2H 67:04)
Cowboys make good yardage in the set after the try (2H 68:03)
Cowboys go the air, Maranta tries to take it and his hit by a good tackle by Kostjaysn forcing the ball to get spilled. (2H 69:32)
Cowboys get the turnover (2H 69:32)
Cowboys don’t get to their kick and turn the ball over, missed opportunity for the Cowboys (2H 70:31)
Blairs just been smashed in a tackle, no wonder he doesn’t like taking hit ups (2H 71:20)
Matt Scott is on report for a high tackle (2H 71:37)
Both sides going back and forth (2H 72:21)
Broncos get to the last, Thaiday ends up getting a kick away (2H 72:21)
Morgan knocks on (2H 73:14)
After some helter skelter play at times during this game, both side grinding away at the moment (2H 73:14)
Brisbane working into Cowboys territory and a forward pass to Blair is called up (2H 75:36)
Cowboys work close into Broncos territory (2H 76:02)
TRY! Tanginoa a great run and O’Neill scores a consolation try (2H 76:57)
Thurston misses misses the conversion, Broncos 44-22 (2H 77:19)
Lowe makes another break and Feldt drops it, Broncos get out of trouble there (2H 78:45)
And that’s full time. A dominant performance by the Broncos in front of 40,0 fans, they win 44-22. (2H 79:38)
That’s 3 losses to open the season for the Cowboys who were heavily favoured at the start of the season. (2H 79:38)
Not many Broncos put a foot wrong, Parker, Hunt, Maranta, Jahu, McCullough and Glenn all very strong (Full Time)
Cowboys led by Lowe and Scott, Feldt also nabbed a couple of tries. (Full Time)


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