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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Canberra vs New Zealand

Blog log for Canberra vs New Zealand, R2 of 2015

The Canberra Raiders again feature in Sunday night football.
Tonight they host the NZ Warriors who are coming off a loss to Newcastle
GIO Stadium is traditionally not a happy hunting ground for the Warriors however the last time they were here, Round 21, 2014, they racked up a 54-18 win over the Green Machine
The Raiders have two changes with Jeremy Hawkins replacing Jordan Rapana and Shannon Boyd coming in for Dane Tilse
The Warriors have no changes from the side the named on Tuesday but welcome the return of Sam Tomkins who was a late withdrawal last week
Jono Wright is playing his first game for the Warriors.
The Raiders kick off through Austin to get us underway (Pre-match)
Matulino takes the firs hit up (Pre-match)
Warriors attack at the end of the set through Tomkins. Good first set (1H 0:40)
Shannon Boyd with a good run in Raiders first set (1H 0:40)
Warriors with a 55m gain and put up a bomb which Wighton can’t handle. Knock on in goal, Raiders line drop out (1H 1:19)
Great run by Kata puts Vatuvei over in the corner but Wighton pushes him into touch (1H 2:05)
Raiders to feed the scrum. Wighton makes up for his previous error (1H 3:23)
Raiders kick early in their set but Tomkins takes it easily. Both teams making fairly mistake free footy. (1H 4:30)
Johnson to Thompson and Thompson not ready for it and knocks it on. (1H 5:10)
Great attacking play by Raiders, Wighton getting his hand to it a few times (1H 5:10)
Vatuvei soars to take the Raiders kick on the last and Warriors now working it out from their own half (1H 6:09)
Lillyman stripped one on one, Raiders in good position (1H 6:09)
Raiders can’t capitalise, and Warriors are back with it (1H 8:00)
Big kick from Townsend goes dead Raiders back to the 20m (1H 8:00)
Shannon Boyd great metres for the Raiders (1H 9:25)
Matulino puts Townsend through a gap, Johnson puts in a grubber and it’s a Warriors knock on (1H 10:56)
Wighton finds space and links with Croker (1H 11:34)
Raiders go to the air but Croker gets bundled into touch (1H 11:34)
Wighton fields a bomb, having another great game (1H 12:01)
Waqa puts Croker through a gap, end to end stuff (1H 13:11)
Johnson goes to the air and come up with the ball, 6 again Warriors (1H 14:11)
Warriors get a penalty, and other set right on the Raiders line
(1H 15:05)
TRY! Matulino barges over from 3m out (1H 15:05)
Ref calls no try and goes to the video referee (1H 15:05)
Replay shows he was short (1H 15:05)
NO TRY Score still 0-0 (1H 16:03)
Penalty Canberra, too long in the tackle (1H 16:36)
Vaughan on (1H 17:27)
Austin breaks the line and almost goes all the way, before losing the ball (1H 17:27)
Spiral kick from Johnson, Waqa takes it well (1H 18:31)
Mannering gets Waqa high, Waqa was falling into it (1H 18:31)
Penalty to Raiders, Mannering on report (1H 19:39)
Vaughan barges towards the tryline, just short. Changeover (1H 19:39)
Nuuasala on the field now (1H 19:39)
Johnson pulls away from a tackle and has a wrist problem, receiving attention (1H 21:21)
Raiders show good defence before Vatuvei makes a break (1H 21:48)
Great run by Tomkins runs across field then makes 40m (1H 23:18)
Kennedy chases him down but then gets penalised for holding down (1H 23:18)
Warriors on the attack but they’ve thrown a forward pass on tackle 2 (1H 23:18)
Soliola has dropped the ball. Warriors with the scrum feed 20m out from Raiders line (1H 25:17)
Simple play from the scrum and Vatuvei is over! (1H 25:17)
TRY to Vatuvei. Johnson linked with Tomkins, cut out ball to Manu and no problem there, try! (1H 25:54)
Johnson curves it from the sideline to get the conversion. (1H 26:04)
Warriors 6-0 (1H 26:04)
Warriors get to the kick, into Croker’s leg, and goes into touch, not played at, Raiders scrum 30m from own line (1H 28:45)
Kennedy dumped in the tackle and loses the ball (1H 28:45)
Heavy tackle by Mannering, no penalty, play on (1H 29:33)
Austin bombs Manu again and The Beast is equal to the task, good take (1H 30:04)
Johnson tries to find an inside runner on two occasions on the last play and Thompson turns it over (1H 30:04)
Warriors pinged for a tackle. High shot from Kata (1H 30:44)
Raiders with a set 20m out (1H 31:48)
Frank-Paul almost barges over (1H 31:48)
Hodgson has a crack as well, denied (1H 31:48)
Cornish goes to the air for Waqa’s wing, Waga soars and puts it down for a try! (1H 32:51)
TRY Raiders. Waqa flies high and puts it down one handed (1H 32:51)
GOAL. Croker lands the conversion 6-6 (1H 33:23)
Big kick from Raiders almost a 40/20 but doesn’t find touch (1H 36:10)
Mannering turns of the ball over and Raiders on the attack in Warriors half (1H 36:59)
Nuuasala drops the ball after getting a good pass from Austin (1H 36:59)
Tomkins goes wide again links up with Wright who has the ball knocked out but it’s Raiders scrum (1H 38:47)
Tomkins looks dangerous every time he’s with the ball (1H 38:47)
Half time and it’s 6 all (1H 39:44)
Good signs from both teams (Half Time)
Vatuvei in good form, Tomkins is dangerous with the ball and Mannering leads all players in tackles (Half Time)
Wighton started off well but has been quiet in the latter stages of the half. Fensom working hard in defence, and Soliola has 84m in 8 runs (Half Time)
The Warriors kick off to start the second half (2H 40:00)
Vaughan has dropped it on the first tackle (2H 40:00)
Raiders line drop out (2H 40:00)
Good run by Lisone (2H 40:00)
TRY Kata. Townsend sucks in a defender, to Tomkins who finds Kata (2H 41:16)
That’s Kata’s first try in the top grade (2H 41:16)
Johnson 5m in from touch and kicks the goal. 12-6 Warriors (2H 41:24)
Matulino a good run (2H 41:24)
Warriors making easy metres after the restart (2H 43:16)
TRY Hoffman (2H 43:16)
Townsend puts a casual kick in on the last after making 71m and Hoffman takes the catch and puts it down (2H 43:55)
2 tries in as many games for new recruit Ryan Hoffman (2H 43:55)
Johnson with his easiest kick of the night 18-6 Warriors (2H 43:55)
Raiders yet to have any ball in the second half, have two tries against them in 5 minutes (2H 44:08)
Raiders now ruled to have knocked on as Vaughan tried to steal the ball (2H 46:06)
Scrum Warriors 40m out from own line (2H 46:06)
Another good run from Lisone for the Warriors (2H 46:06)
Johnson again links with Tomkins, 20m out (2H 47:16)
Kata is over again! (2H 47:16)
Johnson goes to the air, cross field right to left (2H 47:16)
Ref goes to the video and has called no try (2H 47:47)
Ball goes forward off Hoffman into Tomkins who was in front of him who then passed it to Kata (2H 47:47)
No try, Raiders ball (2H 47:47)
Raiders kick goes touch in goal. Warriors back to the 20m (2H 47:51)
Matulino offloads but the Warriors spill it, Raiders with the ball on halfway (2H 48:59)
Nuuasala great run (2H 48:59)
Nuuasala goes again, tackled 5m out from the line (2H 49:48)
Wighton attacks but loses the ball (2H 49:48)
Tempers flare, there’s a bit of push and shove (2H 49:48)
Dangerous tackle by Hawkins and Kennedy on Vatuvei (2H 50:24)
Hawkins on report, Penalty to the Warriors (2H 51:03)
Warriors go to the air again and Wighton comes down with it (2H 53:22)
Penalty to Raiders for mid air tackle on Wighton (2H 53:22)
Raiders making easy metres through Vaughan and Nuuasala (2H 54:06)
Raiders go right on the last and Croker puts it on the toe and Warriors come up with it (2H 54:58)
Tomkins finds touch to slow things down (2H 54:58)
Good defensive set by Warriors but a big kick from Austin gets them out of trouble (2H 57:11)
McCrone on for Cornish (2H 57:56)
Heavy defence from Raiders before Johnson make a break (2H 57:56)
Good run from Johnson is undone by losing the ball as he tried to play it (2H 57:56)
Austin a big break, Wighton follows up (2H 58:24)
Raiders go to the air for Waqa, Fensom comes up with but his held up (2H 59:43)
Huge defence from, the Raiders drives Hoffman into the ingoal, great work by Hawkins and Lee (2H 59:43)
Correction, Cornish still on (2H 61:52)
Great defence from the Warriors see the Raiders turn it over (2H 61:52)
Tomkins loses his footing and twists his ankle, looking a little ginger but still on field (2H 63:26)
Friend kicks on the last, and only finds the crowd! (2H 63:26)
Raiders kick for Lee and it gets knocked into touch (2H 64:17)
Raiders initial decision was off Warriors but it came off Lee (2H 64:49)
Inconsequential though because it was last tackle so still Warriors ball (2H 64:49)
Monster kick from Townsend on the last, Wighton is under it (2H 66:15)
Waqa in for a run to take some pressure off the forwards (2H 66:15)
Cornish gets to his kick, fielded by Wright (2H 66:48)
Haven’t seen much of Wright in this second half (2H 66:48)
Tomkins has copped a crusher tackle from Bateman (2H 66:48)
Penalty Warriors (2H 68:38)
Play breaks down but Warriors get the ball for another set (2H 68:38)
Lisone passes for Lillyman but he can’t hold onto the pass, he would have been over (2H 69:20)
Raiders get to their kick but need to show something with 10 minutes to go and down by 12 (2H 70:15)
Tomkins kick charged down by McCrone, Wighton ends up with it (2H 71:11)
Warriors field the kick and are on halfway now (2H 71:11)
Johnson thinks about kicking, runs and then the ball gets turned over
(2H 71:50)
Raiders on the attack, end to end (2H 72:44)
Wighton grubbers but Tomkins is there to clean up (2H 72:44)
Matulino still charging (2H 73:42)
Johnson kicks on the last, huge kick finds touch 5m out (2H 73:42)
Raiders with the ball, but at the wrong end of the field (2H 74:23)
Soliola with a great run (2H 74:23)
Austin kicks for Lee but its gone out on the full (2H 74:23)
Great lead up work by Papalii as well (2H 75:34)
Mannering still going hard, he has 49 tackles as well (2H 75:34)
Johnson attempts a field goal, it’s hooked left (2H 75:34)
Townsend is penalised, Raiders kick for touch (2H 77:22)
Raiders with a set 15m out (2H 77:22)
Croker takes on the line out wide off a Austin pass, tries to keep it alive and Tomkins is there to clean up (2H 77:57)
Warriors get to the end of their set and now Raiders are throwing it around in the last minute (2H 77:57)
Good run by Kennedy (2H 78:55)
Cornish on the last play is wrapped up and there goes the siren (2H 78:55)
Warriors win 18-6 (2H 78:55)
Warriors shocked the Raiders straight after half time and the two tries they scored was the difference. (2H 79:43)


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