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Blog log from R2 of 2015: South Sydney vs Sydney

Blog log for South Sydney vs Sydney, R2 of 2015

Good afternoon NRL fans and welcome to the game. It should be an absolute belter with both teams excelling in last weeks fixtures. (Pre-match)
Since winning the premiership last year the Rabbit’s have started 2015 with wins in the Auckland 9’s, Charity Shield and World Club Challenge and are looking fantastic (Pre-match)
Roosters were the minor premiers last year and looked very impressive last week (Pre-match)
Some late changes to the Souths Sydney with Chris McQueen coming into the starting side and Ben Lowe moves to the bench. Roosters are 1 -17. (Pre-match)
Some fun and games at the toss with Roosters not allowing Pearce to come from a team meeting and Greg Inglis made to wait. Reports are Inglis is NOT HAPPY! Look for him to have a big match (Pre-match)
Rabbits won the toss and will kick off (Pre-match)
Conditions are overcast at ANZ Stadium. Some rain about an hour and half ago but the field is said to have dried well. Swirling wind in the stadium. Look for some testing high balls (Pre-match)
Kick off should not be far away, teams not on the field as yet (Pre-match)
Roosters out first and head to the southern end of ANZ (Pre-match)
Both teams on the field now (Pre-match)
And is GAME ON as Souths kick off (Pre-match)
JWH with an early powerful run (Pre-match)
Pearce puts it high but fielded by Johnston who is met by a wall of Roosters (Pre-match)
Reynolds puts up a high spiralling torpedo that is taken brilliantly by RTS who didn’t take his eyes off the ball (1H 1:10)
Pearce puts it high but is taken easily by Johnston and Souths earn a penalty 30m out from their own line (1H 1:10)
Short ball Keary to Sutton shut down by Roosters (1H 2:14)
Lovely early dart by Luke (1H 2:14)
Jennings takes the kick who is HAMMERED by Gurgess who waited for him to land and traps him in the in goal. Drop out Roosters (1H 2:55)
Walker ? TRY! (1H 4:17)
Ref going upstairs (1H 4:17)
Great inside ball by Keary to Walker and miraculously gets the ball down over his head over the line. (1H 5:06)
TRY Souths (1H 5:06)
Looked like a well worked set play by Souths (1H 5:06)
No mistake by Reynolds 6 – 0 to Bunnies (1H 5:39)
Kenny Dowall throws a very risky pass on the kick return but gets away with it (1H 6:41)
Souths retain the ball as Roosters complete (1H 6:41)
Great run by Inglis who tramples Cordner (1H 7:58)
Backed up by strong run Gurgess (1H 7:58)
Roosters collect the kick and work it out of their territory (1H 7:58)
Pearce puts up a high bomb taken by Reddy (1H 9:02)
BLISTERING pace of the game early (1H 9:02)
Moa puts a HUGE shot on Keary (1H 9:02)
Roosters now working it out (1H 9:59)
TRY Johnston (1H 10:37)
Inglis fields the kick a foot in from the dead ball run, 1 handed easy as you like, who beats a few before linking with Johnston who had way too much pace. GREAT START Bunnies (1H 11:17)
Inglis looking to have his revenge for the early debacle with the coin toss (1H 11:17)
Reynolds convert and its 12 nil (1H 12:01)
Souths working it and Sutton puts the kick too deep. 20m tap Roosters (1H 14:05)
Maloney kick is too deep and Inglis takes in the in goal. Bunnies to restart on the 20 (1H 14:55)
RTS collects the Rabbits kick and Roosters work it out from their own line (1H 16:05)
Turgess on the field (1H 16:05)
Deep kick collected by Inglis (1H 17:10)
Penalty to Souths (1H 17:10)
Reynolds finds touch almost halfway (1H 17:10)
Another poor kick from Sutton results in Roosters getting the ball 20m out (1H 17:52)
Reynolds OFF in the head bin. Looking groggy after head butting hip of Guerra in a tackle (1H 19:23)
Tupou TRY (1H 20:00)
Inglis slips up in defence who let him on his outside (1H 20:44)
Maloney’s attempt misses to the left. Souths lead 12 -4 (1H 21:07)
Kick off fielded and return through JWH (1H 21:07)
TRY Jennings (1H 23:42)
Great kick put up by Roosters which was moving around in the wind and allowed to bounce by Goodwin which found Tupou who found Jennings unmarked. The wind playing havoc! (1H 24:17)
Maloney converts. Souths lead 12 – 10 (1H 24:17)
Roosters are now right back in it! Roosters have only made 1 sub so far in the game (1H 24:32)
Roosters work it out from the kick off (1H 24:32)
This time Inglis able to field the Pearce kick with nil issues and Souths now working it out (1H 24:32)
? TRY Jennings (1H 24:32)
Loose carry from Luke is collected by Jennings who strolls past the defence and looks to be over for his 2nd of the afternoon (1H 27:21)
Video Ref says TRY! (1H 27:21)
Maloney converts. Roosters take the lead for the first time and it’s 14 – 12 (1H 28:09)
Reynolds makes his way back from the tunnel but remains off for now (1H 28:09)
Roosters working it out from their line with all the momentum at the momentum (1H 28:19)
Great kick chase Roosters trap Inglis 20m from his line (1H 28:19)
Reynolds BACK ON (1H 28:19)
Reynolds puts a strange kick in. He looked like he changed his mind late and Roosters collect a little dribbler with ease (1H 30:32)
Reddy losses the towering bomb over the dead ball line. Drop out Souths (1H 31:21)
First real test of the Souths defence (1H 31:21)
Maloney links with Ferguson who came close (1H 32:10)
Maloney’s kick hits Luke’s legs who gain’s control and steals some cheap metres (1H 33:21)
Reynolds kick way too deep and Roosters restart 20m line (1H 33:21)
JWH finally subbed after opening 33min stint (1H 34:26)
Great run Aubusson out of dummy half (1H 34:26)
Kenny-Dowall BOMBS a try who dropped it cold over the line (1H 34:26)
Walker in a promising attempt to catch a kick in the in goals can’t get downward pressure. Roosters ball 20m out (1H 36:17)
Reddy does fantastically well to take the high ball under extreme pressure by Tupou (1H 36:41)
Forward pass Souths on the 3rd tackle and Roosters get the ball in good field position, 8m short of halfway (1H 36:58)
Penalty Roosters for attempted rake. Great opportunity for points with 2min to go (1H 37:50)
Barnstorming run by Evans who comes close (1H 37:50)
Johnston almost makes a meal of the Maloney grubber in goals. Refs checking to see if Ferguson managed a hand on the ball but looks like Johnston has knocked it dead (1H 38:23)
Roosters ball (1H 39:25)
Another great run by Evans (1H 39:25)
Roosters can’t get over the line with time running out and it HALF TIME (1H 39:25)
Fantastic half of rugby league which is being played at frenetic pace which sees Roosters take a 4 point lead into the sheds in the way of 16 – 12 (Half Time)
It was all Souths early who raced to a 12 nil lead but Roosters fought well to finish the half with 3 tries of their own. Reynolds leaving the field with a head knock for close to 10 minutes …. (Half Time)
….was telling with Roosters managing to score their 3 tries in 6 minutes (Half Time)
Both teams are looking great in attack and it is likely who ever can get more of the ball in the second half will be successful. A late chance butchered by Kenny-Dowall late in the half may be costly (Half Time)
Stewart leading the tackle count with 24, Kenny-Dowall has the most runs with 11, Johnston, Walker, Tupou and Kenny-Dowall all share 1 line break each and Goodwin and Pearce have 2 offloads (Half Time)
Kane Evans leading the tackle breaks with 4 (Half Time)
Players are back out. Strap yourself in for 40 more thrilling minutes (Half Time)
Early big shot on Gurgess by Napa (Half Time)
Reynolds kick goes out on the full. Poor pass by Walker contributed to poor kick. Roosters bet the ball 10m in Souths territory (2H 40:00)
Jennings with a half break (2H 40:26)
Maloney stab kick is busted over the dead ball line by Johnston. Early pressure on Souths with the drop out (2H 41:26)
NAPA is over the line ? TRY. (2H 42:11)
Ref says NO TRY but is going upstairs checking the grounding (2H 42:11)
Looks like a try (2H 42:11)
TRY Napa. Roosters lead 20 – 12 (2H 43:28)
Maloney converts and that is 22 unanswered points and lead 22 – 12 (2H 43:28)
Penalty Roosters on last tackle for rake. Find touch 34m out of Souths line (2H 43:45)
Evans losses the ball and Souths survive (2H 46:16)
Great goal line defence by Clarke and Stewart (2H 46:16)
Souths finding it tough to make metres. Great D by Roosters (2H 46:16)
Luke kicks it out of dummy half and gets 6 again after a deflection off Roosters (2H 47:15)
Inglis in a strong run called back to play the ball. Ref claiming he was held but no one had a hand on him (2H 47:15)
Lifting tackle by Pearce. Penalty to Souths (2H 48:16)
Souths in the red zone (2H 48:16)
? TRY Burgess beats a couple and barges over the line. Refs going upstairs looking at the grounding and double movement (2H 50:07)
TRY Gurgess and Souths are back. 22 – 16 with kick to come (2H 50:07)
No mistake by Reynolds. Roosters lead 22 – 18 (2H 50:40)
11th try by Gurgess in 22 NRL appearances (2H 50:40)
40/20 to Souths. Huge play (2H 50:45)
? TRY Gurgess. Ref says try and going upstairs again for grounding (2H 52:10)
WOW could be 2 tries to Gurgess in 30 seconds but will be a close call (2H 52:45)
NO TRY. Burgess ruled to have lost the ball over the line (2H 52:45)
Roosters working their way up the field. Pearce kick is collected by Reddy (2H 53:20)
Gurgess off….but Turgess ON. No reprieve for Roosters (2H 53:20)
6 to go for Souths as Roosters ruled to have played at ball. Great opportunity for Souths in great field position (2H 53:59)
Walker backs himself but Roosters cover forces him over the line (2H 55:08)
Penalty Roosters (2H 55:08)
Timely penalty piggy backing them up the field as Souths were looking turn up the pressure in defence (2H 55:37)
? TRY Kenny – Dowall (2H 55:37)
Ref call is try but checking obstruction (2H 55:37)
TRY. A lovely flick pass by Guerra puts Kenny-Dowall over the line on the back of a great set by Roosters (2H 56:36)
Conversion missed. Roosters lead 26 -18 (2H 57:39)
Reddy collects Roosters kick and Souths work it out from their goal line (2H 58:56)
TRY Johnston (2H 60:18)
Great break by Keary who took on the line. 2 dummies did the job as he broke the line and found Johnston who scores his 2nd for the afternoon (2H 61:07)
Reynolds converts and Roosters now lead by 2 (2H 61:07)
The seesawing affair continues! (2H 61:30)
Penalty Souths and kick finds touch around halfway (2H 61:30)
Great tackle by Ferguson on Goodwin saves a try (2H 63:18)
Roosters collects the kick and survive the onslaught (2H 64:17)
Ferguson is down with what looks like a hyperextension injury to his elbow (2H 64:17)
Great kick chase by JWH who makes a great tackle on Reddy (2H 64:17)
3 tackles in a row by JWH (2H 65:03)
Huge mistake by Turgess who drops it cold 5m in Souths territory (2H 65:03)
Rabbitohs survive the Rooster’s attacking raid as Tupuo can’t collect the Maloney cross field kick (2H 66:24)
Ferguson remaining on the field (2H 66:24)
TRY Reddy (2H 66:24)
The lead up play was a little unstructured and Keary found a half break who linked with Reynolds who found Reddy. GREAT TRY (2H 68:54)
Reynolds just misses the conversion. Rabbitohs take the lead again 28 – 26 (2H 69:08)
10 mins to go and this one is surely going down to the wire (2H 69:08)
It would take a brave punter to pick a winner from here (2H 69:08)
McQueen puts in a kick with is easily taken by Roosters (2H 70:47)
Both teams maintaining ridiculously high intensity (2H 70:47)
Failed attempt at 40/20 by Roosters (2H 72:17)
Reynolds puts a huge bomb with is taken by Kenny-Dowall (2H 72:17)
Important set looming for Roosters (2H 72:17)
Roosters get the kick away which is taken by Johnston (2H 72:56)
Great run by Gurgess (2H 72:56)
FORWARD PASS Sutton (2H 72:56)
Roosters now have great chance 10m in Souths half (2H 73:50)
Souths holding the Roosters out for now (2H 74:47)
Maloney puts up a cross field kick and the ball goes off Kenny-Dowall over the dead ball line. Souths tap 20m out (2H 74:47)
Great run Turgess links with Walker who is eventually taken down (2H 74:47)
Walker losses the Reynolds grubber in the in goals (2H 76:12)
Roosters 89m out from the line and Tupuo knocks on. Souths ball in great field position (2H 76:12)
This could be huge in the context of the game (2H 76:12)
Rabbits 2m out (2H 76:12)
and applying pressure (2H 76:12)
? TRY Luke (2H 76:12)
Luke burrows from dummy half and looks to have scored. Refs checking grounding (2H 79:06)
looks good on replay and this could be the game for Souths (2H 79:06)
try! (2H 79:06)
Reynolds converts. Souths lead 34 – 26 (2H 79:55)
5 seconds left on the clock (2H 80:00)
Siren sounds and is GAME OVER, Souths win in a fantastic game of rugby league! (2H 80:00)
11 tries in total for the game which was played at an Origin like intensity. It was predicted to be a cracker and it didn’t disappoint! After leading 12 nil early, Souths conceded 22 unanswered points (Full Time)
before scoring 3 tries in 18 minutes to win in a cracker. For Souths Gurgess was very good as was Glenn Stewart. All the backs played a role but Keary was particularly good late in the game (Full Time)


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