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Blog log from R6 of 2015 Auckland Nines: South Sydney vs Cronulla

Blog log for South Sydney vs Cronulla, R6 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Rain is falling to start the final today. (Pre Game)
Reynolds kicks long up the guts on the first possession, then chases to tackle Holmes over the backline. (1H 01:06)
Walker kicks high to the left corner, Goodwin rises above Holmes to mark on his chest then swings around in the tackle to ground it for the first try. (1H 02:29)
Feki gets a nice little give outside on the left wing and scoots past the defence for the immediate answering score for Cronulla. (1H 03:46)
Beale offloads near the line on the right wing but the ball is knocked forward. (1H 06:33)
Luke kicks long from midfield, Gardner is first back to kick it dead. (1H 07:21)
Luke gives to Crichton on the right but the ball is grassed to stop a Rabbitohs attack. (1H 08:19)
Grevsmuhl charges down a Beale kick 25m out and has open field to gather and stroll in for a turnover try just before half time! (Half Time)
Graham tries a grubber on the left wing under a tackle but it skews over the sideline. (2H 09:31)
Reynolds chips from 20m, Holmes gathers and dodges Reynolds but Goodwin tackles him out of bounds. (2H 10:31)
Bird goes right, draws the last man to him and passes wide to Holmes for a score in the corner. (2H 11:32)
McInnes bounces off three tacklers on the right with second and third efforts to score an important try. (2H 13:56)
Ayshford fumbles the kickoff dead to force a line drop-out. (2H 13:56)
George Burgess gets stroppy and there’s a melee at the ruck with all but Matt King involved! Handbags at five paces. (2H 15:02)
Beale and Walker involved to start with. (2H 15:02)
Clark grubbers from 10m out but the Sharks tap it over the dead ball line. Reddy catches the line-drop out 25m out! More pressure by Souths. (2H 15:31)
Walker is intercepted 15m out by Politoni, he’s off to the races but mown down 40m out. Sharks on the counter! (2H 16:31)
Burgess takes Politoni down on second last tackle 5m out. (2H 16:31)
The Sharks go right, Bird scores in the corner! (2H 16:31)
Kick to come to level the scores by Holmes, tough from the sideline… he threads it to force extra time! (2H 17:28)
Conservative set up the guts by Souths to start, but it’s a 40/20 kick! Rabbitohs press… (Extra-Time)
Reynolds bombs across field, one one one attempt to catch it on the right wing… penalty paid for contact on Reddy before the ball got there, Souths get it back. (ET 19:19)
Bird almost intercepts it on the left wing, another set for Souths! (ET 19:19)
Luke runs from dummy half a few metres out, but he’s held up by two Sharks. (ET 20:20)
Souths look like they are out of ideas… (ET 20:20)
Grubber but Feki touches it down just before the cavalry arrives! (ET 21:33)
Sharks standing up in defence here. (ET 21:33)
Another set where Souths look less likely to score, eventually a grubber is fallen on, the hooter sounds for the first period of extra time. (ET 22:22)
Sharks get the ball for the first time in extra time. (ET 23:39)
Arona kicks to the left wing, fumble but no knock on by Crichton, Souths start their attack. (ET 24:26)
Luke sends a cut out pass to the right wing, Reddy goes over but the ref had already blown for a forward pass! (ET 24:26)
Bird slips and sends what looks like a forward pass on his back 40m out from the line. Replay shows McQueen played at it but ref didn’t see it. (ET 25:31)
Reynolds grubbers on the left side, can’t get there first, another Cronulla line drop-out. (ET 26:28)
King eventually scores in the left corner, it had to come at some point, Souths win the Auckland Nines! (ET 27:00)


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