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Blog log from R4 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Parramatta vs North Qld

Blog log for Parramatta vs North Qld, R4 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Sandow carries the defence over the line from 5m out on the left but loses the ball to burn a chance for the first score in this quarter final. (1H 02:26)
Lui releases Granville with a pass up the centre for a bonus point try. (1H 02:52)
Paulo tries a chip from 10m, Moga is a bit casual on the clean up and Norman pilfers the pill to waltz through for a bonus point try! (1H 06:23)
Moeroa tries an offload 20m out but Morgan intercepts… no score results before the half time hooter. (1H 08:16)
Mau drops the ball under a Wright tackle at midfield. (2H 09:00)
The Eels play most of a set with eight players after an interchange stuff up, the bloke running on is Faraimo and he scores on the left wing from a long kick! (2H 14:02)
Wright set O’Neill off for a long-striding gallop around the right wing, he can’t get around to make it a bonus point try, Lui misses the conversion, scores level. (2H 15:10)
Lui kicks off out of bounds. (2H 15:10)
Pauli gives to Norman who jinks his way through the line from 5m with a fabulous step and fend on Taumalolo for the go-ahead score. (2H 17:12)
The conversion is good with 20 seconds to go. (2H 17:12)
Feldt kicks a long ball from right wing to the middle, but the Eels clean up in numbers and make it through to the semis. (2H 18:00)


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