Blog log from R4 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Parramatta vs North Qld

Sandow carries the defence over the line from 5m out on the left but loses the ball to burn a chance for the first score in this quarter final. (1H 02:26)
Lui releases Granville with a pass up the centre for a bonus point try. (1H 02:52)
Paulo tries a chip from 10m, Moga is a bit casual on the clean up and Norman pilfers the pill to waltz through for a bonus point try! (1H 06:23)
Moeroa tries an offload 20m out but Morgan intercepts… no score results before the half time hooter. (1H 08:16)
Mau drops the ball under a Wright tackle at midfield. (2H 09:00)
The Eels play most of a set with eight players after an interchange stuff up, the bloke running on is Faraimo and he scores on the left wing from a long kick! (2H 14:02)
Wright set O’Neill off for a long-striding gallop around the right wing, he can’t get around to make it a bonus point try, Lui misses the conversion, scores level. (2H 15:10)
Lui kicks off out of bounds. (2H 15:10)
Pauli gives to Norman who jinks his way through the line from 5m with a fabulous step and fend on Taumalolo for the go-ahead score. (2H 17:12)
The conversion is good with 20 seconds to go. (2H 17:12)
Feldt kicks a long ball from right wing to the middle, but the Eels clean up in numbers and make it through to the semis. (2H 18:00)