Blog log from R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Wests vs New Zealand

Vatuvei just manages to avoid the tackler Drinkwater and the sideline to score off the first set for the Warriors on the right wing. (1H 01:15)
Chudleigh tries to repeat the dose on the same side but is carried over the sideline by Drinkwater. (1H 02:32)
Laumape has to tap a long kick dead as the Tigers put on some pressure of their own. (1H 03:32)
The Tigers get consecutive sets and the weight of possession eventually tells, as Sue feeds Lawrence to score in the left corner. (1H 04:59)
Correction, right corner. (1H 05:09)
Kata beats Simona with a run at full tilt towards the left corner after a release pass by Laumape. (1H 08:04)
Simona scoots down the right sideline after the restart but hits traffic, and eventually the ball is knocked on. (1H 08:34)
Maumalo tries a grubber from 10m after the half time hooter but can’t ground it, the crowd goes OOH. (1H 09:00)
After a disputed knock on by Funaki 15m from his own line, Lolohea scores on the right after the defence crowds the centre. (2H 10:10)
Another turnover by Wests, this time by Seumanufagai at midfield. The pressure from the crowd is intense. (2H 11:10)
Henry hits the line 15m out at pace, gets behind Funaki and walks backwards with three Tigers hanging off him, turns and scores! (2H 11:10)
Finally a break for Wests with a penalty on the kickoff. (2H 12:25)
Cherrington runs from dummy half on the next set and scores on the left under a Lolohea tackle. (2H 13:22)
Kata wows the home crowd once again with a barnstorming run around the right wing for another try for the Warriors! They are heading for the quarters. (2H 14:09)
Johnson has Laumape outside on the right wing but passes a long way forward. (2H 16:17)
A 40/20 kick gives the Tigers a late chance, Drinkwater grubbers but Laumape falls on it to end action in this one. (2H 17:17)