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Blog log from R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Wests vs New Zealand

Blog log for Wests vs New Zealand, R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Vatuvei just manages to avoid the tackler Drinkwater and the sideline to score off the first set for the Warriors on the right wing. (1H 01:15)
Chudleigh tries to repeat the dose on the same side but is carried over the sideline by Drinkwater. (1H 02:32)
Laumape has to tap a long kick dead as the Tigers put on some pressure of their own. (1H 03:32)
The Tigers get consecutive sets and the weight of possession eventually tells, as Sue feeds Lawrence to score in the left corner. (1H 04:59)
Correction, right corner. (1H 05:09)
Kata beats Simona with a run at full tilt towards the left corner after a release pass by Laumape. (1H 08:04)
Simona scoots down the right sideline after the restart but hits traffic, and eventually the ball is knocked on. (1H 08:34)
Maumalo tries a grubber from 10m after the half time hooter but can’t ground it, the crowd goes OOH. (1H 09:00)
After a disputed knock on by Funaki 15m from his own line, Lolohea scores on the right after the defence crowds the centre. (2H 10:10)
Another turnover by Wests, this time by Seumanufagai at midfield. The pressure from the crowd is intense. (2H 11:10)
Henry hits the line 15m out at pace, gets behind Funaki and walks backwards with three Tigers hanging off him, turns and scores! (2H 11:10)
Finally a break for Wests with a penalty on the kickoff. (2H 12:25)
Cherrington runs from dummy half on the next set and scores on the left under a Lolohea tackle. (2H 13:22)
Kata wows the home crowd once again with a barnstorming run around the right wing for another try for the Warriors! They are heading for the quarters. (2H 14:09)
Johnson has Laumape outside on the right wing but passes a long way forward. (2H 16:17)
A 40/20 kick gives the Tigers a late chance, Drinkwater grubbers but Laumape falls on it to end action in this one. (2H 17:17)


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