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Blog log from R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Parramatta vs St Geo-Ill

Blog log for Parramatta vs St Geo-Ill, R3 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Bit of a slow start to day 2 of the Nines, duelling kicks not going much of anywhere. (1H 03:24)
Sandow chips a kick from 15m out, Norman gathers and touches down but he was half a yard offside and the ref spotted it. No try. (1H 05:00)
Marshall grubbers from 10m out, the ball skids and sits up in the greasy conditions for Glymin to run onto and touch down with ease. Quality kick. (1H 06:23)
Nabuli is at dummy half just outside his own line after Marshall fields a grubber but he passes forward. The Eels go wide left where Sandow is in an acre of space to score. (1H 08:27)
Gower gives to Moeroa who juggles the ball past the defence in midfield, he passes to Robinson who has too much pace for Marshall on the right side. (2H 10:08)
The next kick rolls past Hunt and goes over the backline to force a line drop-out against the Dragons. (2H 10:08)
The next attack ends with a pass on the left that goes to ground, Dugan starts the counter. (2H 11:09)
Marshall gives to Nabuli on the left wing but he strikes traffic 10m out and gives a panicked pass that is gathered by Nightingale to snuff out the chance. (2H 12:18)
Marshall feints on the charge 5m out, waits and delivers a perfectly timed pass to release Crook for a score on the right side. (2H 13:18)
A long march down the left sideline by Nabuli, two Eels tackle him but he sails a fabulous left hand pass inside to Robinson for a pretty try. (2H 16:30)
Sandow tries a chip in midfield but it’s straight to Crook, which kills the game off. (2H 17:18)


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