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Blog log from R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Manly vs St Geo-Ill

Blog log for Manly vs St Geo-Ill, R2 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Gutherson gathers a kick in his in goal and runs over the backline under pressure from two Dragons. (1H 01:22)
Cherry-Evans has Hiku waiting unmarked on the left wing for a pass but sails the ball over his head. (1H 03:25)
Nabuli takes three Sea Eagles with him in a barnstorming run on the left wing then offloads to Nightingale, eventually Dugan scores under the posts. (1H 05:03)
Thompson catches an intelligent Crook kick on the right wing and scores with ease. (1H 05:50)
A knock on 5m from Manly’s line allows Crook to grubber a kick to the right wing again, this time it’s Glymin who gathers in space and scores. (1H 07:14)
Gutherson passes outside to Hiku who just manages to hold onto it, run around the left wing and score. (1H 08:13)
Mateo kills off a long Marshall kick after the half time hooter. (Half Time)
Nabuli saunters over the left wing tryline after a feed from Marshall. (2H 09:37)
Trbojevic is released to score on the left wing, makes an attempt to turn it into a bonus point try but is prevented. (2H 11:48)
Hodges scores out of dummy half with strength on the right side, after a Cherry-Evans kick to set it up. (2H 13:49)
Lui scores a bonus point try under the posts after Hodges grubbers a kick behind the line from 5m out. (2H 16:02)
Glymin busts a line up the guts and is pulled down 15m out. Marshall throws a long pass to Nabuli who juggles, dodges and just manages to avoid the sideline to reach out and score! (2H 17:08)
That was a high quality contest with a showbiz finish. (2H 18:00)


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