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Blog log from R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines: Newcastle vs St Geo-Ill

Blog log for Newcastle vs St Geo-Ill, R1 of 2015 Auckland Nines

Peter Mata’utia drops a Marshall pass to commit the first turnover of the game. (1st Half)
Chanel Mata’utia tries to score on the left wing but goes into touch. (1st Half)
A long pass from the left wing by L’Estrange near the Dragons try line is intercepted by Chanel Mata’utia, but Aitken tackles Roberts to prevent the turnover score. (1st Half)
Nightingale gives to Nabuli who scores with ease down the left wing, running around to make it a bonus point try under the posts. Dugan converts. (1st Half)
Mullen sends a long grubber down the left side, Mamo beats Nabuli to the ball to touch it down on the left side. (1st Half)
Mullen tries a grubbing kick down the right wing and manages to bounce it past the defence for Gagai to score. Roberts misses the conversion. (1st Half)
Mamo scores again in the right channel with a run up the guts. Mullen converts. (2nd Half)
Another error by the Dragons gifts the Knights another opportunity in midfield. (2nd Half)
Mamo gets a long pass and has two Dragons looking at him on the right wing, he jinks and then turns on the turbo to streak past them on the outside! Very impressive. (2nd Half)


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