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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Penrith v Gold Coast

Panthers do it easy over hapless Gold Coast

Welcome to Bathurst for the first game of Super Saturday: Penrith v Titans. (Pre-match)
Penrith going in heavy favourites against a depleted Titans side, who will need to lift after a sloppy performance against the Tigers. (Pre-match)
No changes to the Penrith 17 named earlier in the week, while for the Titans Simpkins comes into the 17 for Robinson, and will start on the bench. (Pre-match)
Anthony Don also replaces Kevin Gordon on the wing for the Titans after a mishap at training. (Pre-match)
Teams coming out onto the field. (Pre-match)
Titans to kick off. (Pre-match)
Game on.
Strong first set from the Panthers and the Titans start their set 5m out from their own line.
No many meters in the Titans first set and the Panther get good field position starting 40m out from their own line.
*Not (1H 0:39)
Idris knocks on a corner chip kick on the last and the Titans survive, starting 10m out from their own line. (1H 1:31)
Slow stuff from the Titans and they end up kicking it dead in goal on the last. Panthers tap it 20m out from their own line. (1H 2:19)
Penrith are playing the game at a much faster pace and are making big meters (1H 2:19)
Penrith make a break through the middle through some slick passing in the ruck but the last pass to Soward was forward. Close call for the Titans there, Penrith were in under the sticks. (1H 3:10)
Don has grounded the ball over the line but the ref has sent it upstairs as no try. (1H 3:53)
No try. Not sure how they came up with that. It was a deadset try by Don. (1H 5:41)
Called offside from the kick but fair dinkum. Anyway, back to the football. (1H 5:41)
Wallace smashed by Myles and he knocks on. Titans start a new set 40m out from their own line. (1H 5:41)
Titans complete with a good bomb on the last. DZW defuses and Panthers start 10m out from their line. (1H 6:20)
Idris is smashed by Myles. He is up for a big game the Titans captain. (1H 6:20)
Panthers complete but Titans get a penalty on their first tackle and they start their set in good field position, just past half way. (1H 7:12)
Titans now looking good as they have picked up the pace of their play the balls. (1H 7:12)
Titans penalty 10m out from the Penrith line and they are on the attack. (1H 8:08)
Titans over again through Zillman but it has been sent upstairs no try. Looks like James may have obstructed Wallace (1H 8:54)
No try. Obstruction Titans. Penrith start 35m out from their line after Soward finds touch. (1H 9:38)
Idris throws a forward pass trying to find Jennings in space, and the Panthers fail to complete another set. They have only completed 2 from 6. (1H 9:38)
Titans scrum feed 30m out from their own line. (1H 9:38)
Pettybourne running strongly as he did last week. (1H 10:36)
Another dangerous bomb defused by DWZ and Panthers start their set 20m out from their own line. (1H 10:36)
panthers complete but give away another penalty with Manu offside. Panthers giving the Titans every chance early in this game. Titans on the attack 30m out (1H 11:44)
Myles knock-on on tackle one and then they give away a penalty. Horrible stuff. Panthers back on half way. (1H 12:40)
Segeyaro knocks on trying to quickly scoot out of dummy half and the Titans back with the ball, 25m out from their own line. (1H 13:52)
Both teams making terrible mistakes as Sezer knocks on on the last tackle. Now Titans give away a penalty. Both teams are going to get sprayed by the coaches at half time. (1H 14:43)
Titans offisde and now Panthers on the attack 10m out. (1H 15:46)
Another Penrith penalty, this time for slowing down the play the ball. Penrith get another set right on the Titans line. (1H 16:53)
DWZ crosses in the corner. Ref has sent it upstairs as a try. (1H 16:53)
No try. Kite ruled to have obstructed James. Fair enough. (1H 17:43)
Titans start 25m out from their line after Sezer finds touch. Burr knocks-on on the second tackle and Penrith have a feed, 25m out. (1H 18:12)
TRY Panthers. Idris scores after some lovely hands from Soward and Moylan. 4-0 kick to come 5m out from the right hand touch line. (1H 18:45)
Penrith looking the better team but need to start completing. Soward misses. 4-0 Panthers. (1H 19:58)
Penalty Panthers. Stripped. 7th Penalty for the Panthers and they start in great field position, 35m out. (1H 20:23)
Soward drops the ball as the Panthers looked certain to score and the Titans somehow survive. Segeyaro starting to look very dangerous out of dummy half. (1H 22:43)
Penalty Titans. Quick tap 30m out from their own line. (1H 23:46)
Mead goes through a massive hole up the middle but doesn’t pass and a try goes begging. Titans right on the attack 20m out. (1H 23:46)
Sezer’s kick on the last is a shocker and Penrith get the ball back 10m out. (1H 24:27)
Now the Titans give away yet another penalty (slowing down the ruck) and Penrith back on the attack, 35m out. (1H 24:27)
Penrith over in the left hand corner through Whare after some of the scrappiest play you will ever see. Ref sends it upstairs as a try. (1H 26:23)
TRY Penrith. 8-0 kick to come. (1H 27:15)
Soward misses by a mile and the score remains 8-0. (1H 27:26)
Sezer kicks it dead in goal from the kick off and the Panthers will drop it out. Terrible mistake from the Panthers. I have seen everything here so far today. (1H 28:39)
Penrith knock on a grubber on the last and the Titans remain on the attack, scrum feed 10m out. (1H 29:22)
Titans knock-on on tackle three after some desperate passing and Panthers survive. (1H 31:37)
Penrith complete a set and the kick finds touch 7m out from the Titans line. (1H 31:37)
Titans penalty after Srama hit high. Sezer’s touch finder means Titans on the attack 30m out from the Penrith line. (1H 32:26)
Penalty Titans. Segeyaro slows down the play the ball and the Titans get another set, 10m out. (1H 33:37)
Whare smashes Sezer and he knocks on. Great hit. (1H 34:28)
Penrith complete their set but the kick from Moylan goes dead in goal. 20m tap Titans. (1H 34:52)
A James offload is dropped by Hoffman and Penrith regain possession 30m out from their own line. (1H 35:40)
Moylan makes a great break and Penrith now 30m out from the Titan’s tryline and on the attack. (1H 36:49)
Segeyaro forces a line drop out on the last. Lovely play from Segey out of dummy half. (1H 37:30)
Brown pushes over from dummy half but held up by Douglas and Mortimer. (1H 38:19)
Peachy’s grubber is ineffective and Zillman regathers and takes the Titans 10m out. (1H 38:19)
And that is half time. One of the scrappiest halves of football I have ever seen. 16 errors (9/7 Panthers) and 15 penalties blown by the referee (8/7 Panthers). (Half Time)
Matt Moylan the only player that can come off the field in that half with his head held high. (Half Time)
Let’s hope both teams can start to hold the ball and complete some sets in the second half. Panthers look by far the better team when they complete some sets and lead 8-0. (Half Time)
Panthers kick off to start the 2nd half. (Half Time)
Great break from Roberts out of nothing after some terrible football but Mead’s pass finds Peachy who was scrambling back in defence. (2H 40:35)
Idirs now throws a horrible forward pass to no one and Titans will get a scrum on half way. The standard of the game picks up where it left off at half time. (2H 40:35)
Now a forward pass from Sezer to James. Panthers scrum feed 35m out from their own line. (2H 40:54)
Now a penalty to Panthers after Don is ruled to obstruct Penrith players chasing a kick. (2H 42:31)
Panthers 10m out and right on the attack. (2H 43:30)
TRY Panthers. Idris scores from a bullocking run close to the line. Nice ball from Soward and Idris too big too strong. Penrith 12-0 kick to come, 15m from the left upright. (2H 44:12)
Moylan taking over the kicking duties slots it and it is 14-0 Panthers. (2H 44:12)
Penrith complete and a lovely kick from Soward finds touch 2m out from the Titans line. Penrith look like they are finally slipping into gear. (2H 45:13)
Titans complete but don’t make many meters as Penrith regather 40m out from their own line. (2H 47:58)
Segeyaro is down in backplay (2H 47:58)
Knock on Penrith on the last and ref rules Titans turn over. Bad decision from the ref, it looked like a Roberts knockdown. (2H 49:41)
Now the video ref overrules and Penrith will get the scrum feed. Right call. (2H 49:41)
Penrith back on the attack 10m out. (2H 50:18)
Segeyaro back in the attack, looks like it was just a cramp. (2H 50:18)
Idirs has crossed. Ref sends it upstairs as a try. (2H 50:25)
TRY Penrith. Very similar to the last try, with a lovely ball by Soward to a strong running Idris who crosses 15m out from the left upright. 18-0 kick to come. (2H 50:25)
Moylan misses and it stays 18-0. Idris has a hat trick against his old club. Penrith look like they are going to run away with this now. (2H 51:42)
Segeyaro starting to get out of dummy half. (2H 51:48)
Penrith complete and Titans start their set 15m out from their own line. (2H 51:48)
Nice kick on the last from the Titans forces a Moylan knock on. Titans scrum 25m out from the Penrith line. Titans need to score here. (2H 54:02)
Hoffman knocks-on on the 2nd tackle and the Titans bomb another opportunity in the Penrith quarter. (2H 54:56)
Penalty Penrith. Moylan stripped from the scrum and the touch finder takes them 40m out from their own line. (2H 54:56)
Lovely set from the Panthers but the kick is knocked on by DWZ and Titans take it out to the 20m for a tap. (2H 56:45)
Loose pass from James turns the ball back over to the Panthers. Now a penalty. Panthers 40m out from the Titans line. (2H 57:41)
Lovely play from the Panthers but Peachy knock on and Titans survive. Must have been 8 offloads in the one play! (2H 58:40)
Horrible pass out of dummy half from Mosley and the Titans turn it over again. Penrith scrum 30m out from the Titans line. (2H 60:19)
TRY Panthers. Beautiful short ball from Moylan to Whare of the scrum and Whare races 30m to score. Pure class from Moylan. 22-0 kick to come 15m out from the right upright. (2H 61:31)
Moylan slots the kick and it is 24-0. (2H 62:26)
Cartwright now knocks on 35m out from his own line and Titans have a chance to get on the score board. (2H 62:38)
Roberts knocks on and they turn it over straight away. Titans only completed 14 from 29 sets! Woeful (2H 64:54)
Try Penrith. Wonderful backline play on the last tackle and Jennings scores in the left hand corner. (2H 66:50)
Soward cut out ball to Idris, who pass back inside to Moylan who they hit a flying Jennings to score in the corner. At high speed and very slick. Moylan again. 28-0 kick to come. (2H 67:36)
Moylan slots it right from the corner and it is 30-0. Is there anything he can’t do? What a blinder. (2H 67:36)
Penrith complete and Zillman is forced into touch! Brillant kick from Wallace puts Zillman under a lot of pressure but no excuse to run that close to the sideline. Scrum 10m out (2H 69:19)
Segeyaro finds Manu with a beautiful ball who goes over close to the sticks untouched. Ref sends it upstairs as a try. (2H 70:36)
TRY Panthers. 34-0, kick to come. (2H 70:36)
Moylan kicks it and it is 36-0. (2H 71:40)
Exciting play from DWZ with a lovely chip and chase down the right hand side but he knocks on after he regathers trying to throw it back in field. (2H 72:35)
Titans make a lovely break and they are on the attack 20m out. (2H 73:35)
Segeyaro hurt and is with the trainer in the in goal (2H 73:35)
Penrith complete and Titans start 30m out from their own line. (2H 74:44)
Titans throw a forward pass and their completion is now 15 from 32. Not going to win any games with those stats. (2H 75:18)
Segeyaro looks to have gone off. (2H 75:18)
TRY Penrith. Cartwright goes over in the left hand corner after a fabulous 20m pass from Soward hits Idris, who draws two players and flicks it to Cartwright who dives over. 40-0 (2H 77:53)
Moylan misses it and it remains 40-0. (2H 78:31)
FULLTIME. Whitewash for the Panthers after a lacklustre start. Titans were horrendous and will be glad to get back to the Gold Coast. (2H 80:00)
Moylan best on ground by a mile, with Soward, Idris and Segeyaro also dangerous. Great second half performance. Please join us for the next game, Manly v Storm. (Full Time)


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