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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Manly v Melbourne

Melbourne can’t beat Manly plus three

Welcome to Manly v Melbourne in the second game on Super Saturday. (Pre-match)
Couple of changes for Manly, with Burher a surprise selection at 5/8 in place of Littlejohn. Lawerence is out of the 17, with Luke Burgess moving to starting prop. (Pre-match)
Sao and Jake Trbojevic move onto the bench. For the Storm Tom Learoyd-Lahrs comes onto the bench in place of the suspended Felise Kaufusi. (Pre-match)
Teams running out onto the field now. (Pre-match)
Eagles to kick off. (Pre-match)
Minutes silence for the passing of Manly legend Ray Ritchie. RIP
And we are underway as the Eagles kick off deep.
Good meters early for the Storm as they complete their set. Manly start 5m out from their own line.
Good run from Big Willie Mason, picks up 15m.
manly complete but kick finds Slater on the full. Storm start 25m out from their own line.
Storm complete but the Manly backs link up after Stewart fields the bomb and they make 25 meters. Lovely play. (1H 1:41)
Penalty Manly. Eagles on the attack 20m out. (1H 1:41)
Penalty Manly on tackle five. Jordan McLean runs right through the ruck. Manly tap 10m out. (1H 3:08)
Storm knock it down to save a certain try and Manly have a scrum feed 10m out. (1H 3:08)
Mateo heavily involved on the left edge early. (1H 4:18)
REVIEW. Hiku may have grounded a Lyon grubber. Sent upstairs as no try. (1H 5:01)
No try. Hiku has knocked on. 20m restart to the Storm. (1H 5:01)
Chambers makes a half break and Storm now in the manly 30m line. Storm making big meters in their sets. (1H 6:34)
Storm complete and Hiku defuses a kick. Manly start their set 5m out from their own line but get a penalty. Now 35m out from their own line. (1H 7:07)
TRY Manly. Mateo with an incredible one handed offload to Burher who finds Matai. Matai scores untouched about 10m out from the left hand upright. Great try. (1H 8:48)
Lyon converts and it is 6-0 Manly. (1H 8:48)
Manly complete and Storm start 15m out from their own line. Good set from the Eagles who look a completely different side from last week. (1H 11:21)
Penalty Storm. Kick takes them 30m out from the Manly line and on the attack. (1H 11:21)
Ballin gives away another penalty in the play the ball. Storm now 15m out on their first tackle. (1H 12:21)
Storm looked very disorganised on that set and they are caught on the last hitting it up! Manly survive. (1H 13:41)
Mateo finds touch on the left hand side 15m out from the Storm line. He is in everything early Mateo. (1H 13:41)
Manly hitting hard in defence. (1H 14:38)
Storm complete and Manly start their set 25m out from their own line. (1H 15:26)
Great bomb from DCE and Slater drops it. Ruled to have gone backwards. Storm very lucky there. (1H 15:26)
REVIEW. Tonumaipea has gone over in the corner after a great cut out ball from Slater. Ref sends it upstairs as a try. (1H 17:35)
TRY Melbourne. 6-4, kick to come from the right hand touchline. (1H 17:35)
Smith nails it and the score is 6-6. Great kick. High quality game so far, with both sides completing their sets beautifully. (1H 18:34)
Stewart tries to trap a floating bomb using his feet and somehow gets away with it. Great kick as Manly start their set 10m out from their line. (1H 20:16)
Should have been a penalty Manly as Finucane tackles Hiku under the knee. Poor decision. (1H 21:48)
teams swap sets and Manly start 10m out from their line. Another good kick from Cronk. (1H 22:14)
Tonumaipea absolutely smashed by Lui in the hit of the season so far. How did he get up from that! (1H 22:49)
Stewart knocks on under pressure from a Tonumaipea kick and he knocks on. Manly under the pump as the Storm have a scrum feed 10m out from the Manly line. (1H 23:50)
REVIEW. Bromwich looks to have dropped it over the line. Goes upstairs as no try. (1H 24:40)
NO TRY. Bromwich knock on. Manly restart 20m out from their own line. (1H 26:33)
Great work from Sao as he gets a sneaky hand in there and helps the ball loose. (1H 26:33)
Lyons kick on the last tackle is a fraction too big and it just goes into touch. Storm start their set from a 20m tap. (1H 26:33)
Storm on the attack 10m out. Six to go after a grubber was played at by Manly. (1H 27:24)
Wow, Tonumaipea claims a try but the refs don’t even review it and manly restart from a 20m tap. Replays show it was a try! OMG terrible refereeing! (1H 28:41)
TRY Manly. Stewart scores after some lovely lead up work from DCE and it is a 12 point turnaround. Absolutely disgraceful that they didn’t even look at a replay. (1H 29:16)
Lyon converts and it is 12-6 Manly. (1H 29:50)
Teams swap sets and Manly start their set 20m out from their own line. (1H 33:27)
Storm knock out the ball from Mason. Manly regather and it is six to go, Manly 40m out and on the attack. (1H 34:10)
TRY Manly. Beautiful little grubber from DCE off the outside of his foot and Leary is the only player anywhere near it. He grounds it 5m from the right hand upright. 16-6 kick to come. (1H 35:03)
No dramas and it is 18-6 Manly. (1H 35:31)
Great run Mason. (1H 36:05)
TRY Manly. DCE carves them up down the right hand side and makes a huge bust. He finds Stewart on the inside and he scores right next to the right hand upright. 22-6 kick to come. (1H 37:50)
Lyon nails it right on half time and it is 24-6. Great first half from the Eagles. Burher has made a huge difference to the Manly pack who are much stronger tonight. (1H 39:08)
Mateo and DCE also playing strongly and Mason has made some great runs up the middle of the ruck. Smith has been good for the Storm, with Slater always looking dangerous. (1H 39:50)
The big turning point in that half was the 12 point turn around, with what appearing to be a Storm try not even being reviewed, and Manly scoring in the next set. (Half Time)
Both sides have controlled the ball well in a high quality game of football. (Half Time)
Teams back out on the field for the 2nd half. Storm to kick off. (Half Time)
Time on as the 2nd half is underway. (Half Time)
Manly complete their set and Storm get the ball 15m out from their own line. (2H 40:00)
Storm complete their set. Koroibete regathers Cronk’s kick but he is stopped 2m out from the Manly line. (2H 40:36)
Mateo picks up 18m in a great carry. (2H 41:08)
Eagles complete again and Storm start 15m out. Strong set from Manly. (2H 41:08)
Slater throws an difficult face ball to Tonumaipea who spills it and Manly have a scrum field in great position, 40m out from the Storm line. (2H 41:59)
Penalty Storm. Hiku grubbers but it is regathered by Slater who is dragged into touch after the tackle was complete. (2H 43:22)
Chambers makes some big meters up the Storms right hand side. He is looking dangerous every time he touches the ball. (2H 43:22)
Penalty Manly. Proctor too long in the tackle after Hiku cleans up a storm kick. Stupid stuff. (2H 44:57)
Mateo is having a blinder as all his tricks are coming off. Killing them with his offloads. (2H 45:28)
Blair over-runs the play and Matai throws it into touch. If he had of timed his run better he could have scored. (2H 46:25)
Cronk crunched by Mason. Great hit. (2H 46:25)
Storm complete and Hiku defuses the bomb. Manly start 10m out from their own line. (2H 47:42)
Huge kick from DCE as he boots it 65m down field. Storm all the way back to their 10m line. (2H 49:00)
Lucky break for the Storm as Mann drops it backwards and Sene-Lefao knocks on trying to gather the ball. Storm scrum feed 20m out from their own line. (2H 49:00)
Chambers again makes good meters down that right hand side. (2H 49:00)
Game starting to open up and both sets of forwards are offloading. This time Bromwich pops a beauty. (2H 49:00)
Storm complete and Manly start their set 10m out from their line. (2H 50:21)
Manly called for a forward pass and Storm get a scrum feed 20m out from the Manly line. On the attack, and they need to score next. (2H 50:21)
Try saver from Lyon on Koroibete (2H 51:00)
Great grubber kick from Smith forces a drop out by Manly. (2H 51:39)
REVIEW. Glasby has crossed in the right hand corner after a lovely ball from Cronk but the refs have called no try, double movement. (2H 52:25)
Let’s see what the video ref says (2H 53:51)
NO TRY. Terrible call by the video ref. (2H 53:51)
Burher knocks on 30m out from his own line and the Storm back on the attack. (2H 55:19)
Penalty Storm. Mateo too long in the play the ball. Tap 10m out. (2H 55:19)
Penalty Storm. Symonds now too long holding down in the play the ball. Tap again 10m out. (2H 55:19)
Hinchcliffe knocks on going for a try. Great defence from Buhrer. (2H 55:25)
Buhrer gains a penalty after Chambers pushes him back down as he was trying to play it quickly. DCE doesn’t find touch and Storm back with the ball 25m out from their own line. (2H 57:47)
Brilliant from Slater keeping the DCE kick in play. (2H 57:47)
Tonumaipea getting treatment after an accidental crusher tackle. No penalty (good call). (2H 59:12)
Penalty Storm as the ball is picked up by a Manly player who is offside. Toovey blowing up in the box as it is another poor call from the whistle blowers. (2H 59:53)
Storm right on the attack (2H 61:09)
TRY Storm. Storm finally hit back as Green goes in about 15m from the left hand upright. Toovey loosing it in the box but more decisions have gone the Eagles way tonight. (2H 61:09)
24-10 Manly kick to come (2H 61:09)
Smith misses and the scores remain 24-10. Big miss from Smith. He should have kicked that one and it could be costly at the back end of the game. (2H 61:52)
Glasby makes a half break and they are 5m from half way already. (2H 63:25)
Storm throwing it around putting a lot of pressure on the Eagles defence. (2H 63:25)
Tonumaipea doesn’t realise it is the last tackle and puts a lot of pressure on Cronk. Poor play at the end of their set. (2H 64:17)
Koroibete with a huge bust and Storm right back on the attack. (2H 65:02)
TRY Storm. Chambers strolls over in the right hand side. All set up from a fabulous bust from Koroibete. 24-14 kick to come. here come the Storm and there is a heap of time left. (2H 65:50)
Smith slots it and it is 24-16 Manly. Game on. (2H 65:50)
Storm forwards rolling forward of the kick off. Momentum has shifted towards the Storm. (2H 66:24)
Storm knock it on and Manly get it back 35 out from their own line. (2H 66:24)
Penalty Manly. Smith and Bromwich too long in the play the ball. Big penalty! (2H 68:54)
Manly on the attack 25m out. (2H 68:54)
Fight broken out on the left hand side but play goes on! (2H 69:23)
Storm survive after Symonds looses the ball on the 5th tackle. (2H 70:24)
Storm complete but Hiku defuses another bomb. He has been fantastic at the back tonight. (2H 70:24)
DCE splits them up the middle. (2H 71:04)
Manly on the attack. Glasby being carried off in the back play. (2H 71:04)
Storm penalty. DCE hand in the play the ball. Storm on the attack 20m out. (2H 71:55)
REVIEW. Green drops it over the line. Refs send it upstairs as no try. (2H 72:36)
TRY Storm. Jared Maxwell needs a seeing eye dog as the video ref reverses the decision. 24-20, kick to come 10m out from the left hand upright. (2H 73:05)
24-22 as Smith kicks it. Great last five minutes coming up! (2H 74:05)
ENORMOUS HIT on TLL by Trbojevic. OMG felt it from here. (2H 74:29)
Storm make a huge break up the right hand side through Tonumaipea but he drops it and Manly get it back. Close call for the Eagles. (2H 76:41)
Penalty Manly. Koroibete spills a bomb straight into Mann who was offside. Manly on the attack 10m out, two minutes left on the clock. (2H 77:29)
Slater bravely dives on a DCE grubber. Great play, really put his body on the line. Penalty Storm, Lui rips it out. What was he thinking, stupid play! (2H 79:28)
Big hit from Buhrer on Chambers and Chambers drops the ball. Manly will win. Incredible game of football!! (2H 80:00)
25 seconds left on the clock as the scrum packs down. (2H 80:00)


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