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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Gold Coast v Wests

Wests break Gold Coast hearts in R1

Welcome to the Titans v Tigers in the second game of Super Saturday (Pre-match)
Lawrence out for the Tiger and replaced in the centres by 18th man Lovett. Halatau goes to the bench and Taupau starts at lock (Pre-match)
Small crowd on the Gold Coast. Interesting to see how the Titans react to the news of DCE’s signing as well as all the drama of the last few weeks. (Pre-match)
Titans kick off (Pre-match)
Good set to start for the Tigers. Titans get their first crack 10m out from their own line
Titans complete. Tigers back with the ball 20m out. (1H 0:13)
Forward pass from Farah to Brooks and Titans get a scrum feed around the half way (1H 1:09)
Titans penalty. Tigers offside. Titans tap 20m out from the Tigers line. (1H 1:09)
Another penalty Titans. Galloway rakes it. Titans tap again 10m out. (1H 1:09)
TRY! Titans. Lovely kick from Mortimer and Roberts dives on it in the in goal. 4-0 kick to come, 10 in from right hand upright (1H 3:24)
4-0 Sezer hits the upright. Great start Titans. Mosley looks sharp out of dummy half (1H 4:30)
Lovely offload from Myles and another from Douglas. Titans made 90m in that set. (1H 4:50)
Penalty Titans. Late tackle on the kicker (Mortimer) (1H 4:50)
Titans 10m out and on the attack again (1H 4:50)
Pettybourne in everything early. (1H 4:50)
Titans knock on after a risky offload from Zillman. Tigers hang on. (1H 7:48)
Penalty Tigers. Touch finder takes them 40m out from their own line (1H 8:50)
Great run Taupau and gets the penalty. Hard to stop. Tigers 15m out from the Titans line. (1H 10:01)
Farah kicks into the in goal and forces a line drop out. Lovely football. (1H 10:48)
Another tackle busting run from Taupau (1H 10:48)
Forward pass from Brooks. Titans scrum feed 10m out from their line (1H 10:48)
gordon knocks on. bad error. tigers get the scrum feed on the 20m and are in a great attacking position (1H 12:58)
Clever play from Farah find Sironen but he knocks on over the line. Close (1H 13:36)
Titans somehow survive (1H 13:36)
Titans forwards making huge meters up the middle (1H 14:30)
Now Myles knocks on. Sloppy period from both sides with plenty of errors (1H 16:04)
Penalty Tigers. Titans caught in the play the ball. Tigers kick takes them 25m out and on the attack (1H 16:04)
Santi on now for Taupau and knocks on straight away trying to play it too quickly. Titans scrum 10m out (1H 17:46)
Taupau forced off for a concussion test. (1H 17:46)
Both teams swap sets and its Titans 15m out from their own line after a Moses kick. (1H 20:06)
Nothing kick from the Titans gathered up by Richards and Tigers 35m out from their own line (1H 20:50)
Forward pass ruled against Tigers. Brooks inside to Teddy. They are looking dangerous. (1H 20:50)
Seumanufagai on replacing Galloway (1H 21:40)
kick too big and Tigers get a 20m restart (1H 22:34)
Tigers had to score. Ryan James professional foul stopping the try and is sent to the bin (1H 22:42)
Brooks, Moses and Teddy all looking dangerous as the game starting to open up. (1H 22:42)
Santi stopped just short (1H 24:36)
TRY Tiger through Pat Richards in the corner. It has been coming for a while. 4-4 kick to come from the tigers left hand corner. (1H 25:08)
Great kick from Richards. Straight over the black dot! 6-4 Tigers with James in the bin for the Titans (1H 25:08)
Teams swap sets. Great kick from Sezer almost traps Teddy in the in goal (1H 28:23)
Taupau back on… Good news for the Tigers (1H 29:28)
Knock from the Tigers. Titans scrum feed around the half way in the middle of the field (1H 30:07)
Ugly pass but Titans get away with it and regather (just) (1H 30:07)
Penalty Titans. Hit shot from Taupau. Titans kicking for goal. 15m out from almost right in front. (1H 31:13)
*High shot (1H 33:04)
Sezer converts the penalty. 6-6 (1H 33:04)
Great run from Hoffman off the kick off and Titans get the penalty (1H 33:41)
Titans 50m out (1H 33:41)
James back on from the sin bin (1H 33:41)
Penalty Titans. Tigers offside. Titans tap 10m out (1H 34:59)
James stopped just short of the line. (1H 34:59)
Six again. (1H 34:59)
TRY James scores for the Titans 15m in from the Titans left hand touch line. Too big too strong. 10-6 kick to come. (1H 34:59)
Sezer converts 12-6. Big play from the Titans right on half time. (1H 34:59)
Half Time. 12 – 6 Titans (1H 34:59)
Sloppy half of football from both sides and neither coach will be happy. Woods the best for Tigers while Sezer has looked dangerous for the Titans (1H 34:59)
Teams back onto the field. Tigers to restart the second half (1H 34:59)
Good set from the Titans as the Tigers through Teddy start their set on their 20m (1H 34:59)
Dangerous kick from Brooks but beautifully defused by Sezer. (1H 34:59)
Titans going nowhere. Have to kick from their own 20m (1H 34:59)
Tigers start their set on the half way (1H 34:59)
Seumanufagai smashed. he is down holding his shoulder (1H 34:59)
Terrible kick from Brooks goes dead in goal. Titans off the hook. (1H 34:59)
Seumanufagai off and replaced by Woods. Concussion test. (2H 42:19)
Great run Ryan James. Makes 18m down the left hand side and then picks up a penalty. (2H 42:19)
Titans on the attack 20m out (2H 42:19)
Myles knocks on after a terrible pass from Srama out of dummy half (2H 44:27)
Tigers penalty for a strip. Stupid penalty. Tigers out of trouble and up to the half way. (2H 45:39)
Woods now starting to get his offloads going (2H 45:39)
Tigers on the attack after Zillman knocks on. Scrum feed 10m out and the Tigers are a big chance to equalize (2H 45:39)
Sironen held up over the line. (2H 46:40)
Tigers force an line drop out as Zillman has to knock the ball dead. (2H 48:43)
Tigers back on the attack 20m out (2H 48:43)
TIGERS TRY Richards scores in the corner untouched and its 12-10 Titan kick to come (2H 50:35)
Richards misses and it’s 12-10 Titans (2H 50:35)
Penalty Tigers. Dumb stuff from the Titans as they go on with the tackle after the ref calls held. Tigers up to the half way. (2H 50:35)
Great tackle from James on Halatau and forces a dropped ball. Titans escape (2H 50:35)
Tigers make a half break down the left hand side through Simona. (2H 54:19)
Wrestle breaks out after a late shot by James on Brooks. Not much in the tackle. (2H 55:11)
Tigers penalty 20m out from the Titans line. James on report but he wont have any dramas with that surely. Richards to take the shot. (2H 56:04)
No problems for Richards. 12-12 (2H 56:26)
Boom – Farah 40/20 (2H 56:26)
Tigers tap 10m out from Titans line and they have all the momentum (2H 56:26)
Woods goes close to the line. Sent upstairs as a try! (2H 59:43)
Woods is short. No try (2H 60:26)
TIGERS TRY – Tedesco scores in the left hand corner and it is 16-12 Tigers with the kick to come. (2H 60:26)
Richards slots it and its 18-12. Great kick! (2H 61:03)
Teams swap sets. Tigers get a 20m restart to start their set (2H 63:40)
Penalty Tigers. On the attack again 30m out. Tigers coming. (2H 64:43)
Brooks caught on the last and the Titans survive. The Titans look flat (2H 65:36)
Six to go Titans after a scrambling last tackle. 20m out and on the attack. Can they come back with something? (2H 66:31)
No they can’t. Roberts drops the ball. No one going straight for the Titans, its all sideways stuff. (2H 67:18)
Zillman hit very high by Moses. Looks ugly. (2H 67:18)
Moses on report but very lucky to stay on the field! (2H 68:07)
Titans on the attack 10m out (2H 68:07)
Penalty Titans. James stripped in three man tackle (2H 68:07)
Titans camped right on the Tigers line (2H 68:07)
TITANS TRY Roberts has scored in the right hand corner! 18-16 kick to come. (2H 68:07)
Replays show James dropped it and wasn’t stripped (2H 68:07)
Anyhow, great individual try from Roberts… he is so quick. (2H 68:07)
Sezer kicks it from the corner and its all locked up with 10 minutes to go. Great kick! 18-18 (2H 68:07)
Pettybourne drops it cold and its a Tigers scrum 30m out from the Titans line (2H 68:07)
Field goal could be on here (2H 68:07)
Gordon intercepts and Titans run 75m. Titans now on the attack 25m out! (2H 68:07)
Brooks is fast, he ran down Gordon (2H 68:07)
Burr knocks on playing the ball with the Tigers in desperate trouble and let them off the hook. (2H 75:34)
Tigers scrum feed 10m out from their own line (2H 75:34)
Taupau takes Zillman high. Zillman ducking into it though. Penalty Titans and they are on the attack, 45m out from the Tigers line. Setting up for field goal (2H 76:17)
Charged down but regathered by Titans. Six to go (2H 76:17)
James knocks on going for the line. Crucial error. Titans were in the drivers seat there. (2H 78:38)
Solid set from Tigers. Titans get the ball back on their 20m line. One minute to go. (2H 80:00)
Myles now knocks on 35m out from the Tigers line. One last shot for the Tigers in regular time. (2H 80:00)
Field goal from Richards!! Tigers win! What a finish. 19-18 Tigers (2H 80:00)
Richards kicks it from 32 meters out about 10 meters from the right hand upright. Went left from Farah to Brooks who switched it back to Richards. Clever play, as the Tigers snatch it (2H 80:00)
Great win for the Tigers and brave effort from the Titans. Sloppy game though with plenty of errors. Both teams will need to improve if they want to be a chance of the finals. (2H 80:00)
Sezer and Roberts the best for the Titans while Woods and Richards shone for the Tigers. Also great game from the rookie Lovett playing in the centres. Big future for that young man. (2H 80:00)
Off to Townsville now for the big clash between the Cowboys and the Roosters. Good night. (2H 80:00)


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