Fullback Super Coach Guru Projections

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Jordan Rapana  vs  87n/a4877   78.2
Tom Trbojevic  vs  66n/a7449   65.7
Ben Barba  vs  69n/a4872   65.0
Jack Bird  vs  65n/an/a56   63.5
Sione Mata'utia  vs  62n/a5962   61.2
Cameron Munster  vs  60n/an/a60   59.7
Clinton Gutherson  vs  59n/an/an/a   59.3
David Fusitua  vs  67n/an/a26   59.1
Greg Inglis  vs  56n/a6857   58.5
Valentine Holmes  vs  58n/an/a54   57.5
Darius Boyd  vs  55n/a6155   56.5
Blake Ferguson  vs  61n/a3760   56.2
Jarryd Hayne  vs  54n/an/a54   54.3
Jack Wighton  vs  43n/a7857   51.4
David Mead  vs  54n/an/a41   51.3
Josh Dugan  vs  51n/a3864   49.4
Kurt Mann  vs  46n/an/a55   48.1
Will Hopoate  vs  43n/a6645   47.6
Matthew Moylan  vs  47n/a3957   46.5
Jake Mamo  vs  44n/a3948   43.5
Jason Nightingale  vs  39n/a5742   43.1
Brett Morris  vs  40n/a4753   42.4
Michael Gordon  vs  35n/an/a62   40.7
Michael Morgan  vs  39n/a4737   40.4
Dane Gagai  vs  35n/a4030   35.5
Peter Mata'utia  vs  34n/a3332   33.9
Lachlan Coote  vs  26n/a4536   30.5
Latrell Mitchell  vs  21n/a3853   27.3
Josh Hoffman  vs  26n/an/a28   26.6
Alex Johnston  vs  23n/a4027   26.5
Jordan Kahu  vs  21n/a3627   24.5
Nathaniel Roache  vs  24n/an/an/a   24.0
Jordan Rankin  vs  24n/an/a24   24.0
Ben Hampton  vs  16n/an/a21   17.2


Recent = Fantasy point average in recent home & away games in this competition.
Team = Running average against this opponent.
Ground = Running average at this ground.
Time = Running average in this timeslot (day/night/twilight).
Health = Health of the player: Sore means 50-100% fit, Injured means 0-49% fit.
Nudge = Subjective push made by FanLeague admins to raw numbers to take into account other factors: Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Normal. = Normalisation effect: the factor by which each projection is modified to take into account recent total team fantasy scores given up by the current opposition. Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Projection = Fantasy point prediction for the next round of this competition.
For a full explanation see this blog post.