Centre NRL Fantasy Guru Projections

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Jarrod Croker  vs  64n/a6474   65.2
Isaah Yeo  vs  50n/a5753   51.5
Jamie Lyon  vs  51n/a4449   49.7
Shaun Kenny-Dowall  vs  51n/a4845   49.5
Joseph Leilua  vs  52n/a4151   49.4
Taane Milne  vs  49n/an/an/a   48.7
Konrad Hurrell  vs  55n/an/a21   48.3
Kerrod Holland  vs  50n/an/a38   47.4
Ricky Leutele  vs  52n/a2847   46.9
Euan Aitken  vs  47n/an/a44   46.6
James Roberts  vs  47n/a4347   46.0
Josh Dugan  vs  42n/a3859   43.2
Jack Bird  vs  43n/an/a41   42.9
Blake Ferguson  vs  47n/a2534   41.6
Clinton Gutherson  vs  41n/an/an/a   41.3
Sione Mata'utia  vs  38n/a4238   38.8
Mitchell Aubusson  vs  33n/a5136   37.0
Dale Copley  vs  37n/a4225   36.8
Josh Morris  vs  40n/a2034   35.1
Solomone Kata  vs  36n/an/a29   34.7
Justin O'Neill  vs  34n/a3131   32.8
Kevin Naiqama  vs  33n/a3133   32.4
Gerard Beale  vs  31n/a3338   32.3
Nene Macdonald  vs  32n/an/a31   31.9
Nathan Green  vs  28n/a4041   31.5
Pat Mata'utia  vs  30n/a3230   30.6
Waqa Blake  vs  31n/a2825   30.0
Brayden Wiliame  vs  30n/a3126   29.9
Will Hopoate  vs  26n/a4330   29.5
Kane Linnett  vs  32n/a2521   29.3
Michael Jennings  vs  27n/an/a37   28.7
Tom Opacic  vs  28n/an/a28   28.3
Dane Gagai  vs  28n/a3322   28.2
Brenko Lee  vs  28n/a2633   28.1
Tim Simona  vs  28n/an/a28   27.7
Peter Mata'utia  vs  25n/a2324   24.2
Will Chambers  vs  21n/a3721   24.1
Chris Lawrence  vs  24n/an/a24   24.0
Brendan Elliot  vs  23n/a2723   24.0
Angus Crichton  vs  23n/an/a26   23.9
Ken Maumalo  vs  23n/an/an/a   23.3
Hymel Hunt  vs  18n/a4118   22.3
Matthew Wright  vs  21n/a2216   20.5
Lewis Brown  vs  21n/a1217   19.1
Michael Chee Kam  vs  20n/an/a9   17.6
Blake Ayshford  vs  8n/a4329   16.9
Jordan Kahu  vs  11n/a2217   14.1


Recent = Fantasy point average in recent home & away games in this competition.
Team = Running average against this opponent.
Ground = Running average at this ground.
Time = Running average in this timeslot (day/night/twilight).
Health = Health of the player: Sore means 50-100% fit, Injured means 0-49% fit.
Nudge = Subjective push made by FanLeague admins to raw numbers to take into account other factors: Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Normal. = Normalisation effect: the factor by which each projection is modified to take into account recent total team fantasy scores given up by the current opposition. Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Projection = Fantasy point prediction for the next round of this competition.
For a full explanation see this blog post.