Second Row Forward NRL Fantasy Guru Projections

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Jack De Belin  vs  69n/a5756   65.0
Ethan Lowe  vs  68n/a5353   63.7
Ryan James  vs  59n/an/a74   62.3
Sam Burgess  vs  64n/a5262   61.5
Jamie Buhrer  vs  59n/a6564   60.9
Boyd Cordner  vs  64n/a4854   60.1
Trent Merrin  vs  61n/a5063   58.8
Bodene Thompson  vs  66n/a3152   57.9
Simon Mannering  vs  65n/a3946   57.7
Isaah Yeo  vs  50n/a5753   51.5
Mike Cooper  vs  47n/a6545   50.6
Paul Gallen  vs  51n/a4556   50.3
Kevin Proctor  vs  53n/a3253   49.1
Kenny Edwards  vs  52n/an/a37   49.1
Bryce Cartwright  vs  47n/a5454   49.0
Josh Papalii  vs  47n/a5351   48.8
Corey Parker  vs  45n/a6345   48.6
Jason Taumalolo  vs  46n/a6046   48.5
Sam Thaiday  vs  50n/a4150   48.3
Tohu Harris  vs  51n/a3751   47.9
John Sutton  vs  49n/a3949   46.7
Siosiua Taukeiaho  vs  47n/a4451   46.6
Elliot Whitehead  vs  42n/a5553   45.4
Luke Lewis  vs  47n/an/a39   45.1
Greg Bird  vs  48n/an/a30   44.6
Wade Graham  vs  46n/a3450   44.2
Sauaso Sue  vs  44n/an/a44   44.0
Mitchell Barnett  vs  43n/a4743   43.7
Jarrad Kennedy  vs  46n/a3542   43.4
Matt Gillett  vs  43n/a4443   42.9
Dale Finucane  vs  45n/a3345   42.6
Pauli Pauli  vs  42n/a4735   42.5
Tyrone Peachey  vs  37n/a5358   42.3
Chris McQueen  vs  44n/an/a34   42.3
Josh Aloiai  vs  42n/an/a42   42.0
Josh Jackson  vs  35n/a6245   41.5
Joel Thompson  vs  41n/a4241   41.2
Tyson Frizell  vs  37n/a4749   40.5
Tepai Moeroa  vs  41n/an/a37   40.2
Martin Taupau  vs  37n/a5334   39.9
Matt Prior  vs  36n/a4533   37.8
Mitchell Aubusson  vs  33n/a5136   37.0
Zeb Taia  vs  41n/an/a21   36.9
Dylan Napa  vs  36n/a3441   36.1
Coen Hess  vs  36n/an/an/a   36.0
Ben Matulino  vs  37n/a2441   35.1
Ryan Hoffman  vs  34n/a3934   35.0
Manu Ma'u  vs  37n/an/a25   34.9
Sam Mataora  vs  32n/a4432   34.4
Luke Bateman  vs  34n/a3335   34.1
Nathan Brown  vs  32n/a3345   33.5
Aidan Guerra  vs  34n/a2546   33.4
Darcy Lussick  vs  31n/a4032   33.1
Kyle Turner  vs  32n/a3046   33.0
Alex Glenn  vs  34n/a2734   32.5
Scott Bolton  vs  33n/a3036   32.4
Jason Clark  vs  31n/a3534   32.3
Kenny Bromwich  vs  32n/an/a32   32.0
Dene Halatau  vs  32n/an/a32   31.7
Beau Scott  vs  30n/an/a38   31.6
Nathan Green  vs  28n/a4041   31.5
Elijah Taylor  vs  31n/a3031   31.1
Jayson Bukuya  vs  32n/a2538   30.9
David Gower  vs  32n/a2042   30.7
Leeson Ah Mau  vs  29n/a3532   30.5
Tony Williams  vs  26n/a4336   30.2
Isaac Liu  vs  30n/a3030   30.2
Jai Arrow  vs  31n/a2231   29.4
Joseph Tapine  vs  27n/a3429   28.8
Jesse Sene-Lefao  vs  29n/an/a25   28.5
Raymond Faitala-Mariner  vs  30n/an/a21   27.9
Jeremy Smith  vs  27n/a3027   27.8
Agnatius Paasi  vs  26n/an/a32   27.5
Will Matthews  vs  26n/a3126   27.2
Chris Heighington  vs  26n/a3423   27.1
Gavin Cooper  vs  24n/a3333   26.6
Mickey Paea  vs  26n/a2224   24.8
Chris Lawrence  vs  24n/an/a24   24.0
Angus Crichton  vs  23n/an/a26   23.9
Greg Eastwood  vs  23n/a2623   23.8
Jacob Saifiti  vs  23n/a2820   23.7
Joel Edwards  vs  24n/an/a24   23.7
Nate Myles  vs  22n/a2626   23.4
Jacob Host  vs  23n/an/an/a   23.0
Ryan Simpkins  vs  21n/an/a29   22.4
Leivaha Pulu  vs  21n/an/a21   21.2
Kyle Lovett  vs  21n/an/a21   21.0
Joseph Paulo  vs  19n/a2518   20.2
Jazz Tevaga  vs  19n/an/an/a   19.3
Lewis Brown  vs  21n/a1217   19.1
Michael Chee Kam  vs  20n/an/a9   17.6
Clay Priest  vs  16n/a17n/a   16.4
Corey Oates  vs  18n/a1118   16.4
Sitaleki Akauola  vs  19n/a119   16.4
Blake Leary  vs  13n/a1515   13.5
Jake Marketo  vs  12n/an/a16   13.1
Jack Gosiewski  vs  13n/an/a11   12.9
Luciano Leilua  vs  n/an/an/an/a   0.0


Recent = Fantasy point average in recent home & away games in this competition.
Team = Running average against this opponent.
Ground = Running average at this ground.
Time = Running average in this timeslot (day/night/twilight).
Health = Health of the player: Sore means 50-100% fit, Injured means 0-49% fit.
Nudge = Subjective push made by FanLeague admins to raw numbers to take into account other factors: Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Normal. = Normalisation effect: the factor by which each projection is modified to take into account recent total team fantasy scores given up by the current opposition. Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Projection = Fantasy point prediction for the next round of this competition.
For a full explanation see this blog post.