Front Row Forward Dream Team Guru Projections

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Dream TeamHookersFront Row ForwardsSecond Row ForwardsHalfbacksCentresWing/Fullbacks
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Sam Burgess  vs  64476057  Up59.3
Paul Gallen  vs  6063n/a53  Down58.4
Josh Papalii  vs  50565250  Up53.8
Martin Taupau  vs  5845n/a54  Up53.6
Andrew Fifita  vs  57535060  Down53.0
Jack De Belin  vs  59545549  Down52.6
James Graham  vs  48525848  Up52.1
Ryan James  vs  69394154  Down52.1
Josh McGuire  vs  48494648  Up49.7
Jake Trbojevic  vs  5236n/a58  Up48.1
Daniel Saifiti  vs  47n/an/a42  Up47.5
Jesse Bromwich  vs  43435939  Up47.4
Tariq Sims  vs  47535641  Down47.1
David Klemmer  vs  42484542  Up45.2
Dale Finucane  vs  45492945  Up44.6
Aiden Tolman  vs  42395442  Up44.2
Jared Waerea-Hargreaves  vs  39523343  Up43.5
Aaron Woods  vs  48453544  Down43.4
James Tamou  vs  46304839  Up41.4
Sam Thaiday  vs  39423639  Up40.5
Matt Prior  vs  51383719  Down39.8
Tim Mannah  vs  44493847  Down39.8
Korbin Sims  vs  28385644  Up39.6
Jacob Saifiti  vs  38n/an/a36  Up38.9
Jacob Lillyman  vs  35473436  Down37.8
Dylan Napa  vs  36363733  Up37.0
Addin Fonua-Blake  vs  39n/an/a29  Up36.8
Sauaso Sue  vs  37393532  Down36.2
Reagan Campbell-Gillard  vs  36n/a3825  Up36.0
Paul Vaughan  vs  3737n/a48  Down35.9
Ben Matulino  vs  34383641  Down35.5
Scott Bolton  vs  39332636  Up34.7
Thomas Burgess  vs  34353129  Up34.3
Daniel Alvaro  vs  37n/an/a40  Down33.3
Junior Paulo  vs  3233n/a24  Up32.7
Tim Glasby  vs  29293730  Up31.9
Leilani Latu  vs  27322746  Up30.9
Leeson Ah Mau  vs  31373127  Down30.8
Mark Nicholls  vs  3326n/a16  Up30.2
Russell Packer  vs  37262837  Down30.1
Leivaha Pulu  vs  31n/an/a30  Down30.0
Nelson Asofa-Solomona  vs  28n/an/a32  Up29.8
David Gower  vs  3430n/a38  Down29.6
Shannon Boyd  vs  2829n/a28  Up29.4
Joseph Tapine  vs  27n/a2927  Up28.7
Brenton Lawrence  vs  20354220  Up28.6
Nathan Brown  vs  32n/an/a31  Down28.5
Jordan McLean  vs  26272736  Up28.4
Ava Seumanufagai  vs  23363128  Down28.3
Chris Heighington  vs  14404229  Down28.1
Jeremy Latimore  vs  23343021  Down26.7
Jack Stockwell  vs  29192529  Up26.4
Felise Kaufusi  vs  22n/an/a38  Up26.4
Joe Ofahengaue  vs  26n/a2426  Up26.3
Josh Aloiai  vs  22n/a4222  Down25.9
Sam Hoare  vs  25n/an/an/a  Up25.1
Adam Blair  vs  23292123  Up25.1
Kane Evans  vs  24261932  Up25.1
Jarrod Wallace  vs  23322324  Down25.0
Joel Edwards  vs  27282411  Down24.6
Nathaniel Peteru  vs  25n/an/a25  Down24.3
Sam Kasiano  vs  25182727  Up23.9
Suaia Matagi  vs  26n/a2926  Down23.4
Zane Musgrove  vs  23n/an/a21  Up23.3
Jacob Host  vs  25n/an/an/a  Down23.3
Nate Myles  vs  18262822  Up23.0
Sam Lisone  vs  24n/an/a20  Down22.7
Tim Browne  vs  22202519  Up22.2
Siosaia Vave  vs  26242227  Down21.9
Luke Bateman  vs  21n/an/a21  Up21.4
Christian Welch  vs  19n/an/a21  Up20.3
James Gavet  vs  19n/an/a21  Down19.1
JJ Felise  vs  20n/an/a16  Down19.0
Ben Spina  vs  18n/an/a18  Up18.6
Clay Priest  vs  18n/an/a18  Up18.6
Danny Fualalo  vs  19n/a1619  Up18.4
Patrick Kaufusi  vs  16n/an/a24  Up18.1
Ligi Sao  vs  15n/an/a32  Down17.7
Herman Ese'ese  vs  15n/a1915  Up16.1
Josh Starling  vs  1319n/a18  Up15.8
Sam Tagataese  vs  1519n/a17  Down15.6
Josh King  vs  12n/an/a9  Up12.0
Paterika Vaivai  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Down0.0
Morgan Boyle  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Down0.0
Viliame Kikau  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Up0.0
Luke Yates  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Up0.0
Sam Stone  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Up0.0
Anthony Cherrington  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Up0.0
Zane Tetevano  vs  n/an/an/an/a  Up0.0


Recent = Fantasy point average in recent home & away games in this competition.
Team = Running average against this opponent.
Ground = Running average at this ground.
Time = Running average in this timeslot (day/night/twilight).
Health = Health of the player: Sore means 50-100% fit, Injured means 0-49% fit.
Nudge = Subjective push made by FanLeague admins to raw numbers to take into account other factors: Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Normal. = Normalisation effect: the factor by which each projection is modified to take into account recent total team fantasy scores given up by the current opposition. Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Projection = Fantasy point prediction for the next round of this competition.
For a full explanation see this blog post.